The Soul-Fire Code: How I Unlocked the Great Mystery, Unleashed My Spirit's Calling and Learned to Bring the Rain

the soul fire code

Three mystical keys to unlocking the Soul-Fire Code. [box style="normal" border="none"]Note: The SOUL-FIRE CODE Self-guided version is now available! A Course for the Magical Misfits, Rebels, Rainmakers, Dreamers, Movers and Shakers... [/box]

I didn't know how I would unlock the Mystery, but I knew the time had come.

It was December of 2011, and the time had come to do something big in my life and take a giant leap. My soul was burning for something way bigger, and my cozy mountain hideaway in Ashland, Oregon, was holding me back. With just one week until I had to head down to LA for the holidays, it was either leave everything behind now and jump, or postpone my Spirit's calling and do the reasonable thing -- wait until after the holidays when I could drive back north, give my landlords a month's notice, pack my things and prepare for the journey that awaited me.

It took me just one night to decide -- I was to find a sub-letter for my apartment to cover the one-month notice in my rental agreement, get rid of everything I owned but what really mattered, pack my car and leave my old life behind. I had been working on the big visions of other people for too long, and it was time for me to pursue my own dream.

I did it all in the matter of a week, and with the help of a few good friends I hit the road in search of a life of adventure and true fulfillment, and never looked back. Two months later I was neck deep in my own mad, beautiful Hero's Journey in Guatemala, with nothing but my own Truth to account for....

I had a big vision for a project that would change the lives of a lot of people, create a lasting legacy, and finance the life of my dreams, but I knew there was one big mystery I had to unlock first -- a code that would enable my work to really succeed and burn a bright streak across the lives of the people who were touched by it.

I didn't know how it would happen, or when it would come, but I was committed to finding this mystery code, and I knew the answer would only be revealed if I allowed myself to unravel the binds of my life, and dive headfirst into the fire of my spirit. Inside me was a burning desire to awaken my soul and live an epic, beautiful, and powerful life, and I was committed to hearing the call of that burning fire.

The night the Earth Mother Herself showed me the secret of our existence...

My journeys wound through Central America, taking me to extremes of passion, excitement and excess, and pushing me to the edges of my existence. As I made my way down from Guatemala to El Salvador, Nicaragua to Costa Rica, I lived like a king, I lived like a vagabond, I took huge risks with my life and my possessions, I made beautiful friends, I made beautiful love, and I learned what it means to really live -- to really live this one beautiful, mystical life with passion and joy and sometimes reckless abandon.

It wasn't until I finally landed in Costa Rica, at a spiritual retreat center in the jungle forest near the Pacific coast, that I finally began unlocking that secret code I was searching for -- through the deepest tunnels of my soul. It was there I had a mystical experience with the ancient sacred tribal medicine of the Amazon rainforest -- dropped to my knees at the very edge of the vast GIANT Mystery of this existence, and plunged headfirst into the fathomless abyss, I went through the longest, darkest night of my soul, and received the biggest initiation of my life. I came face to face with my greatest fear, my smallest self, and the soul of the universe.

Near the end of that endless night the Earth Mother -- mother of us all -- spoke directly to my soul, and she showed me something I will never forget. She showed me my entire life, from birth to the beyond, and she showed me that there is nothing greater than the source of all life -- the great mother of us all. My heart burst open, and I was filled with the most Giant LOVE for all that exists, for all the ones I hold dearest, and for the great privilege and honor of this very life. I thought of all the people that I love, and all the people I have been in contact with online and through my work, and I was filled with awe at the overwhelming power we all hold.

The realization that shocked me to the core and has resounded in my soul from that night until today was this -- HOLY MOTHER guys….holy wow, what the F*CK! We are living on the smallest tip of the full rich vastness of this existence, so many of us…if only we could see the truth of this! What might we accomplish…?! 

After the full and total rearrangement of who I am on that darkest night, I awoke to a new realization: The strongest force in my life -- the mysterious code I was seeking to unlock -- is the very Fire of Love for the Absolute Truth of my Essence. This great fire was burning hot and fierce in my heart and soul, and I knew that the only thing I was really here to do on this earth -- the only thing that really mattered -- was letting this very fire consume me whole, and do whatever I could to help others awaken to this Fire of Love in their own selves.

How can a single spark of Soul-Fire ignite an entire movement of World Changers?

From the moment I launched the Fire of Love Sessions to my wonderful readersI knew I was on to something really special. I opened up nine spaces for private sessions from my jungle-forest perch in Costa Rica, and they all filled up within a few days. The response was unexpected and beautiful:

Rhina Ju

This time is the most pivotal moment in my life! Breakthrough after breakthrough, and it's flowing and easy. I totally feel my ego dissolving now. Knots are loosening. I'm enjoying my friendships in a new way. The pressure to perform in a certain way inhibited so much of my self-expression, work patterns, health, relationships, creativity, everything! I'm releasing it, and I see the pathway clearly now.

I see who I want to serve, how I want to serve, and how I want to connect. It's all falling into place. I'm reclaiming so much of who I really am. It's a miracle. I will keep you posted on more developments! Thanks so much Satya! You are awesome!

It was not until after those nine sessions were done that I realized THIS was the work I had set out to do -- this was the world-changing community project I was waiting for -- and I seemed to have found the key. It was up to me now to open my soul to the flow, get out of the way, and allow the Soul-Fire Flow to do its magic.

After an epic struggle of resistance, and six weeks working around the clock, I launched the inaugural flight of the Fire of Love Experience, with an amazing group of 43 Soul-Fire Rainmakers.  I had finally hit the magic sweet spot, and I was dazed but proud: The experience was an epic and life-changing success.

Since launching the inaugural test flight of the Fire of Love Experience one year ago, and launching the second flight with a new group from the Galapagos Islands this past spring, I've been testing and refining this great experiment to unravel the core essence of the Soul-Fire Mystery.

No matter how much your soul may be on fire, you still need a framework to guide your work and bring the rain and thunder!

Through my work in the Fire of Love Experience, I learned that accessing the Fire of Your Soul was the foundation point of the work, but bringing the Thunder takes a bit more brains and dedication...

I realized that no matter how clear your energy is, and how much on fire your soul may be, you still need an intelligent framework to help guide your progress, and a group of people to help keep you on track in your work. This is especially true for the kind of people who are drawn to this work -- intelligent, intuitive and wise creative seekers who don't think in logical linear patterns. People like me, and probably you reading now (you're still reading, that's a good sign).

The part of this work that's closest to my heart, is helping the super creative Soul-Fire Rainmakers launch your spirit's calling with a BOOM!

First you catch the Fire, then you summon the Muse to bring the thunder, then it rains...

The Three Mystical Keys I found to unlock the Soul-Fire Code and Bring the THUNDER!

1. First you clear your energy and your mind, and get to ground zero of your existence -- you pair down everything to a space of beginner's mind, and dive into the calling of your heart and soul.

Are you called to dance wild, run free, sing from your heart, lead a movement of people to change the world...? Time to get up and dance baby! Whatever it is, you surrender fully to that, and let it catch your soul on fire. You never question this fire -- you dive in and follow the ever-changing mystery all the way in as far as you can go, and whatever you do, you don't ever censor yourself or stop long enough to douse the flames of your heart. Even if you hit a setback,  or you pause for a breath -- or you catch yourself swinging wildly in the middle of the dance floor after the music stops! -- you always jump back into your soul's calling.

2. Once you've caught the Fire of your Soul, your biggest challenge is to keep moving in the ineffable spaciousness of that Irresistible Soul Fire and let it burn bright.

The fire has this mystical capacity to burn away your resistance, and fuel the greatest creative flow of your life, while simultaneously making you question every single thing you've believed and held true about yourself. The most important thing to remember about this phase of the process is that nothing truly great is born without a struggle. In the words of Stephen Pressfield, “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” A lot of trust is required in this stage to stick to your guns, but it's also a lot of fun, and where some of the biggest revelations about yourself and your Truth are revealed to you.

3. You pull up that one big and beautiful soul calling, you commit to making it happen, and you set the wheels on track to ACTUALLY bring it to the world.

This will be either something that your Soul-Fire Adventure has led you to, or it will be a long lost dream you've held in the bottom of your soul. The important thing is, you've committed fully to making this happen. No matter how much you may doubt it, no matter how badly you may fear it, no matter how hard you may come crashing down and burn in the seven hells for it -- it's your dream, it's your calling, it's what makes you come alive, and there's nothing that's going to stop that. In this phase you'll need a lot of support from your real friends and mentors, and you'll need some solid guidance for staying on track, mapping out your Soul-Fire work, and implementing a system of Structured Flow to bring the THUNDER.

The best part I've found in going through this amazing process -- and personally guiding dozens of people through it -- is you REALLY don't need a ton of resources you don't already have.

At the core of the Soul-Fire Code is a powerful mystery -- once you unlock the code and unleash the great mystery in your life, the force is nearly unstoppable. But it doesn't all happen of its own accord like manna from heaven -- you've gotta do the work, call forth the Muse, and learn to get out of your own way so the rain can come!

The Fire of your Soul, and the burning work you create from that fire, drives you to learn what you need, acquire the resources or money you didn't have access to, and magnetize a group of really wonderful people around you to support your work.

What's your spirit calling for, and are you taking heed...?

In the nearly two years since I left my cozy Oregon mountain hideaway I've lived the greatest adventure of my life -- the most rewarding, challenging, life-changing and inexpressibly beautiful experiences ever. Living and working in cities and towns from Los Angeles to Central America, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Peru, Buenos Aires, Spain, Stockholm, and soon the UK, I've slowly learned how to live well and create the life that's right for me. The only experience that's come close to this was a yearlong journey through India on another Soul-Fire calling in search of enlightenment years ago! And neither of these would have happened if I hadn't followed my Soul-Fire, and plunged into an impossible dream....

What's your spirit crying for now? If you can get quiet enough to really ask yourself that question, and hear the call, you can bring the magic. That's the big question for your journey -- whether you listen closely and heed the call...? That's up to you.

Satya Colombo

p.s. The World Premiere of the Soul-Fire Code Masterclass and program was September 29th, 2013, with more than 60 magic Rainmakers joining us on this new adventure -- the self-guided course is now available to the public!

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THE SOUL-FIRE CODE: A Course for the Magical Misfits, Rebels, Rainmakers, Dreamers, Movers and Shakers…

Distilled from more than a year of live testing and refining the "Fire of Love" process, this course is made for super sharp, Spirit-driven creative rebels and entrepreneurs to help you tap into your Soul-Fire Flow and successfully launch your epic projects into the world...

A treasure chest of Fierce Wisdom, Practical Magic & Special Resources made for you

The Masterclass Audio holds a strong force of awakening -- just listening to this and bringing it into your life is enough to spark a wave of positive transformation and begin dissolving energetic blocks and obstacles.

What else can you expect to come away with?

  • You'll receive a set of powerful spiritual and energetic practices to help heal and clear your energy field, establish clear boundaries, find your center and breathe into strength -- essential for the process of awakening, strengthening and purifying of the Soul Fire process.
  • The Structured Flow and Soul-Fire Mapping processes help get you clear on what you're working on now, what you plan to produce in the next months, and how to actually get them done in your own way.
  • Learn to begin recognizing and working with your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, High-Self Guides, and Universal Energy Flow on a deeper level. One of my favorite and most fun parts!
  • Gather the strength and the understanding to burn through resistance and obstacles, gather your energy and build momentum for your Mythic Journey: Learn what it takes to Bring the Rain in your life and work, and strengthen the legacy of your existence every day.

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