Awaken Your Genius Experiment: Part 1 ~ Overcoming the Alienation of My Genius

Edith Cavell Patriotism Walking through London today I found this quote on a magnificent statue of Edith Cavell under the heading, 'Humanity' -- seemed fitting on this anniversary of September 11th. It also spoke to me on overcoming the Dilemma of Alienation in the battle with our inner genius... 

Awaken Your Genius Experiment: Part 1

A couple weeks ago I was invited by Carolyn Elliott to join a small handful of people doing a test run of her upcoming book, and share the results of my process with her Facebook group, the Dreamer's Tantra. I love Carolyn's work, and was immediately drawn into her luscious orbit when I read her sparklingly-brilliant piece on Rebelle Society: 7 traits of magical people. Here is my first entry... 

I’m a very busy person, with a lot of projects in the air, as most of you too I imagine — so I was initially resistant to take on this challenge, as I always choose to go as deep as possible into everything I do. The challenge unfolded in my heart, though, and I could not deny it's call as I really love Carolyn and her work, and there is no one else alive I know who speaks quite so directly to my soul as Carolyn does at this time! My true Soul Calling and the work I’m doing right now is helping dreamers awaken their Soul Fire and successfully launch their creative work from that Source energy — so this Awaken Your Genius work is extremely resonant!

SO, I decided to create a live experiment to bring you all along, and call it the ‘Awaken Your Genius Experiment’. In the spirit of Carolyn’s request, I’ll be going through the whole book week by week, and sharing my process through my blog, and the Dreamer's Tantra Group. Carolyn’s book is available for pre-order now, and will be shipping in less than a week, so I DEFINITELY encourage you to get a copy now, because there is probably no other book available now that can speak so directly to the unique challenges we face as super-creative, intuitive, intelligent, genius dreamers: Awaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams

Here’s the first thing I wanted to share from the book: (this explains why you may have suffered through a lot) 

“Genius is a generative energy that manifests creations that are original, alive, and individual—soulful. It’s the essence of your creative unconscious. Everyone has genius because everyone has a soul. Dreamers are people who are particularly awake and sensitive to the power within them, and this awareness makes their genius spirit active and potent—so much so that their ability to vividly and powerfully create from their own original essence is their distinguishing feature. But this spirit is also something that often gets them into a lot of trouble and pain. Why? Because the mad world we live in and its established institutions really are not big fans of true originality (it’s a major threat to the status quo). So having a powerful genius can cause suffering by getting you into much more conflict with the powers- that-be than regular folks endure. [….]

“Love (and I don’t mean lust or infatuation—I mean clear, open, divine love or metta) is the only high that’s real—that has no negative side effects, that creates long-lasting, positive evolution. Because geniuses can’t count on getting love from outside sources, they need to learn to cultivate love energy from within. That’s a piece of what this book teaches you to do.”

My personal reaction to this was: FUCK YEAH. This has been 100% my experience, and the pain has driven me near to insanity in my past. My spiritual path is what saved me when I hit rock bottom ten years ago in New York City. My dedication to find and live the Truth of Who I AM — that is the great power what pulled me out of the abyss. The challenge with being super creative, super intuitive and super connected to my Self and my inner genius, is that it can be VERY difficult to actually choose the course of my Soul Fire, stay on course, and follow through to completion. In my last post this complex dilemma came to me as the paradoxical quagmire of our own brilliance... The Soul-Fire Code: How I Unlocked the Great Mystery, Unleashed My Spirit’s Calling and Learned to Bring the Rain :)

I have also felt very much in my life that I was an outsider — I cultivated that difference with pride, and at times it cause me a lot of suffering also, as it created such a big separation between me and the world — the lone wolf syndrome.

What I’ve found through my healer training process over the last three years is that the practice of really building a relationship with all of who I am, and CULTIVATING DEEP LOVE AND RESPECT for this embodiment of Divine Grace on earth (as well as Spirit, the Universal Energy and the Earth Mother), has been the single greatest source of personal strength, power, love and joy in my life. Through this relationship, my creative self-expression has flourished, and my ability to successfully follow and practice my Soul Calling has grown by leaps and bounds. In the process I’ve also had a lot of healing with my relationship with communities and the tribe, and this is so key for showing up with clarity and strength in the world.

So now, I’d love to hear any reactions to my share from you, and curious to know:

Have you also felt this sense of alienation in your life — like no-one understands you and maybe never will — and what have you found to help get you out of it, and connect with yourself and the other beautiful dreamers in your world?

Share your experience and thoughts with me on Facebook, or in the Dreamer's Tantra.

~ Love

Satya Colombo

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