You Are a Soul-Fire Supernova ~ Live Like You Mean It.

So grateful to Les Rebelles for featuring this handful of stardust from my soul on the Rebelle Society today... The Day I broke up with normal - by DoItGirl

I once knew a magic love bomb in New York City.

He was a striking Cherokee Indian-Mexican-American performing artist with angel wings that shot up to the sky (I saw his wings one night and mentioned as much — “oh, you noticed,” he said with a glimmer of a smile and a half shrug). We lived in a big old factory building in Tribeca together with two dozen other magic soul-fire madmen and supernovas in the months after 9/11.

One night at the dinner table I was slogging through yet another existential early-mid twenties crisis, as he shared his latest coupe with me. He’d landed a $20,000 New Years Eve gig for his new performance troupe at one of the hottest night clubs in the city.

Over the past few months I’d followed his magic journey as he pulled the group together, and spent weeks rehearsing with them (oh, and months seducing pretty much every other gorgeous supernova who came in his orbit…).

I had to know his secret, though… “How did you do it?!”

He had a burning passion for love and art, music, sex and success on his own terms — he knew what he wanted, and he could turn that soul-fire up and set the coldest cat on fire in a heartbeat, but he didn’t mention any of that. He just put it to me straight up and simple. He said:

“Look, we’re all magic — we make magic every day! You take an idea, you capture a glimmer of inspiration from your Soul and bring it to life — that’s magic. Every short film you make, every project you pull together from the inspiration of your spirit, you’re making magic happen.

You think you don’t have the power to create anything you want in the world? You’ve got your arms spread wide open, waiting for the universe to come and sweep you up, but you’re the only one who can choose your destiny and run with it! You’ve got to remember the law of Free Will — you’re in a partnership with the universe, the winds of Spirit may give you momentum but you’ve gotta steer your own ship…”

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