Sacred Wild Healing— Private Mentorship


You: Unstoppable

When you are fully PLUGGED IN to your Source with body, mind and spirit aligned there is almost nothing you cannot achieve.

If you have worked with me at all the past few years you may have experienced that feeling of being unstoppable. You may have even been able to keep it going for days or weeks at a time where you have been able to accomplish almost anything you put your head and heart into!

Unfortunately, the current state of the world and endless demands of modern living can make it super challenging to stay plugged in and aligned with that truth.

Some days, you are on top of the world, and other days you feel like you may never win the battle for your emotional health and physical well-being!

Getting thrown around by circumstances like this is frustrating to all of us. Even more so for you and me, because we have experienced the opposite and we know in our hearts that we are destined for more.

We are here to make an impact, enjoy this life, and serve our highest potential!

But we cannot do that unless we are able to remain plugged into our truth and charged up on EVERY ASPECT OF OUR BEING, EVERY DAY.

Imagine if you had me working tirelessly at your side, gently and lovingly pushing you on, to ensure exactly that.

Imagine being able to reach out to me almost any time for that extra boost to push through your fear and make it happen.

You get that special nudge out of the blue when you need it most even though didn’t realize you were falling off the wagon!

We put together an action plan that works for you — that you can ACTUALLY implement in your life, every day.

It’s a plan for your daily and weekly practice that enables you to be in FULL alignment with yourself AND make tangible progress in your goals and dreams.

You get the kind of deep support that only someone who understands you the way that I do AND has the experience in working through the unique challenges we face can provide.

With this level of support, you would have everything you need to:

Pivot your career into what you really want because you have someone guiding you through the toughest parts so you can act with courage AND intelligence.

Develop a spiritual practice that works for you, so

Hone your charisma to attract the love of your life, or experience the bliss of deeper union and harmony with your current partner because you’ve gained the confidence in yourself that you long to express to the world.

Live the life you have envisioned, because you are no longer held back by hidden blocks and limiting beliefs.    

Finally build that side hustle around your passion, or make your existing business more sustainable because fear no longer paralyzes you.

Experience a lasting inner peace and joy so that you are no longer stuck in the endless cycles of anxiety, sadness, anger and illness that being misaligned has caused you to feel.

Carve a life of greater meaning and purpose around the things and people you really love because what is a life without passion??

No matter where you are in your life, or what you have been through, you can have and do all of these things with Sacred Wild Healing Private Mentorship.

You can be an unstoppable force of true love and infinite joy for yourself and the world that so desperately needs you!

I know this because in the past ten years I have experienced all of the above myself, with little more than my full intention put into action. Every day.

Does it mean that things have always been easy? No. It means this training has given me the tools to face whatever I’ve experienced with conviction and support.

Through the commitment to my truth, through trial and error over the past decade I have honed a system of spiritual healing and daily practice that is now bringing the kind of results I have only dreamt of—for my clients and myself.

Now through many years of teaching and the last two rounds of Sacred Wild Healing and group mentorship, I have honed the system to be ready to take your work to the next level one-to-one. Targeted just for you.

Sacred Wild Healing—Private Mentorship includes:

  • A Three Month program of private healing, teaching and one-to-one mentoring.

  • Two private sessions per month via phone or Zoom – including Healing and Soul-Readings + Counsel.

  • Private messaging access via text with a special app that makes it easy for us to stay in touch.

  • Weekly Energy Healing Boosters to help keep you strong and vibrant from the inside out.

  • A custom plan of action to reach your goals and weave unlimited magic into your life on all levels of your being.

  • A custom Essential Oil Alchemy power blend made just for you.

  • Access to monthly live Group Healing sessions.

Cost: $1,280. (Value: $2,800) – or –4 monthly payments of $333.

Just three spaces currently available.

There is no better feeling than being plugged into your Source and in your highest power. From that magical place of alignment emerges everything you have been seeking:

  • Renewed excitement and passion for life.

  • The energy and vitality that comes with it.

  • The physical means to move beyond your limitations that come through when you are in sync!

  • The understanding and drive to solve any challenges that come your way.

  • So many more magical synchronicities and “miracles” to open doors and bring on the ooo’s and ahhh’s every day!

My job is to be your ally every step of the way, and ensure your success.

It is my passion and commitment to stay PLUGGED IN that makes me unstoppable.

I will not rest until You Are Unstoppable, too.

What will you create with this level of support and strength in your life?

Everything you have imagined is possible now.

It’s time to take the reins again.

Life is a choice. Your choices each day determine what outcomes happen in your life. It is by choice, not by chance, that will determine your life. An Unstoppable Life begins by taking responsibility for your choices. —Thomas Narofsky

Message for questions ~ satya (at) / 323-540-4456