Love In Action:

A Life Alive

“We are at once perfectly human and impossibly divine. It is only through the merging of this knowing in the Self that we become free to walk the earth in wholeness and strength—as we were born to be.” –Satya Colombo

People sometimes ask me how I’m able to travel the world and live in incredible places for months at a time. I'm not a trust-fund kid or anything like that—the not-so-simple simple truth is that I am dedicated to following the call of my spirit. There is maybe nothing more important to me then having the independence to be able to pursue my lifelong freedom-chasing passion!

Showing up for that commitment every day in service, staying on my daily practice, taking RISKS in alignment with the Call, and trusting the support of Universe and my Soul Family is how it seems to work. By Grace!

THE WORK: I teach how to connect with your Source, heal your energy, and spark the Fire of the Soul. It is by nature an incredibly creative and engaging endeavor. I do this primarily through:

Breathwork Healing, Private Readings and Spiritual Counsel;

Sacred Wild Mentorship;

Courses and Events.

ABOUT THE NAME: Satya Colombo is my real name from birth. Satya is pronounced SAHT-ee-ah. It is Sanskrit meaning “highest truth.” Colombo is Italian for “keeper of the doves" or just dove, i.e the Holy Spirit. (Phew! Glad that’s out of the way—usually the first thing people want to know but are shy to ask.)

LOCATION: Currently based in Southern California where I grew up, though I have been a professional nomad and lived in close to 20 different countries since 2012.

CREATIVITY: I’ve written a few books and launched several in-depth transformational programs and membership communities over the years. I am a huge lover of Mother Earth, plants and animals, and have a line of Essential Oil healing blends, Infinite Essence. I love to play the Ukulele and Native American style flute, create and share beauty that conveys the magical essence of the Infinite!

TRAINING: I’ve been meditating since I was about five and received my first mantra from my mother who was a Transcendental Meditation teacher. She initiated hundreds of people and founded meditation centers from Buenos Aires to New York to Miami.

Since the early 2000's I have undergone thousands of hours of meditation and mindfulness practice and studied under many great masters and teachers around the world. I received certification as a Breathwork Healer in 2011 through renowned healer David Elliott, who I have studied extensively with over the years. That being said, there is no greater training ground than life itself and I'm still learning every day!

MOTTO: LOVE IN ACTION. Do something that matters with what you have been given! You are here on earth for a reason, walk the talk and do some real good in the world. If you were to stop chasing happiness and enlightenment for a while, you might actually find yourself enjoying life and who you really are!

ASTRO PROFILE: Scorpio Sun and Stellium; Virgo Moon; Sagittarius Rising; Fire Dragon.

PERSONALITY TYPE: INFP (Idealist/Healer). Empath. Introverted Expressionist — all the way!

ETHNICITY: Argentinean, Italian, German, Jewish and Guaraní (Indigenous South American). Born in Miami, Florida, raised in Los Angeles.

FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. (Stockholm and Costa Rica — close tie for second). I love the depth of mother nature’s essence both in the mountains and by the sea.

RELIGION vs SPIRITUALITY: My religion is Love. I believe that all of life is a spiritual experience, and have found that many so-called “spiritual people” are often ungrounded, unaware of their societal conditioning and not in full control of their faculties! Every moment presents an opportunity to go deeper into who and what you are, and embody those truths more authentically in the world.

AROUND THE WEB: I’ve been sending newsletters since the start of the millennium. I launched this site in 2010 and wrote hundreds of articles, including the occasional guest post and feature…I still write from time to time ;) . You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, and occasionally Twitter—on a bad day ;).

I BELIEVE: Every person was born for a reason, and we each have a purpose for living. Not ONE purpose per se, but yes a reason for being here! My purpose is to help you find your way home to the TRUE YOU and make magic with your Soul’s Calling.

Along the way you will learn how to heal and master your energy, find peace with all the human-animal and divine-infinite aspects of who you are, and hopefully have some fun too—if I can help it! ;)

Every single thing that’s led us to this point in our lives has been for a reason. Now we have this amazing opportunity to take it all and turn it into something even greater than we ever even imagined…. Ain’t it grand?

Thanks for being here! Hope to get to know you better too.

XO, Satya

Soul Letters — from me to you: