The Ineffable Spaciousness of Soul-Fire Flow: (Activated For Your Awesomeness)

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Soul-Fire Flow: What exactly is it? 

The Fire of your Spirit -- and the Universal Energy Flow -- awakened and expressed directly through you. 

Let me give you an example: This afternoon in Stockholm, I went to a coffee shop, sat down, opened Scrivener, and started writing. The first thing that came to me was the odd title, "Ineffable Spaciousness" -- I had this idea about the spacious quality at the root of the soul-fire flow experience for the past few days, but that's about it. About three hours later, I came up for air, and I had written this entire piece, edited it, formatted the image, and published the piece. The work was nearly effortless, and it was so much fun -- I could not have spent a better afternoon. 

Soul-Fire Flow.

You probably understand this concept innately -- it just makes sense to people who are connected, intuitive, creative, spirit-driven. You've been there, you've felt some of this magically spacious, powerful and life affirming energy in your life. (You may have also read some of my previous work about this, such as in the Soul Fire Series and the Epic Flow email course). But then how do you cultivate this regularly, and actually bring it more actively in your life and work?  

This is a primer on how to recognize, cultivate, understand, and activate the Soul-Fire Flow of your spirit in your life, so you can get on with it, and get to your greatest life and work!

If you don't have time right now to read all this, just skim through it and get the flow of it -- pull one or two key things out for you to reflect on and put to work in your life, and I'm sure it will make a big difference! Put a star next to it in your inbox and remember to come back to it if you're already part of my Fierce Wisdom Community email list.

// Introducing the Work

When the Fire of your Spirit is awakened, there is this wonderful flow of energy that can be accessed in your life, and in your work. Some kind of magical alchemy takes place where the energy of your spirit merges with the Universal Energy Flow, and this luminous pool of energy begins to overflow into your being on many levels. This is Soul-Fire Flow.

As long as you are clear and unblocked enough in your own self, you can learn to harness this energy flow, and through it create amazing creative work in your life. Imbued with with this energy, your Soul-Fire Flow has the power to change your life, support you in your work, and even change the world.

// How to recognize Soul-Fire Flow — some of the qualities:

The specific experiences will be a bit different for everyone, but there are some essential qualities you may experience when accessing these heightened states of Spirit Flow: 

  • An innate, magical sense of spaciousness and flow throughout your awareness,
  • A comforting feeling of natural warmth in your mind and body,
  • A sense of grounded-ness, combined with euphoric lightness and space in your head and mind,
  • A fire of clarity and inspiration for creative projects,
  • A clear line of sight regarding creative blocks or obstacles that were previously holding you back.

Some other benefits of the Soul-Fire Flow:

Aside from the obvious advantages of clarity, inspiration and deep insight, you may also experience some other benefits:

  • Obvious and easy to implement solutions often become apparent for some of the big problems or issues you may be facing,
  • Intuition deepens and becomes more reliable, allowing you to make more effective decisions at every turn,
  • Wonderful people and circumstances show up unexpectedly in your life to support you and your endeavors,
  • Self confidence begins gradually to increase, as you witness your work improve, and you continue getting more positive feedback from others.

// How to cultivate and activate the ineffably spacious power of the Soul-Fire Flow:

The first and most obvious place to begin cultivating this flow is by hearing the call of your spirit, and making the time to work on creative projects that give you a thrill, and a sense of joy and excitement. If you haven’t found something like this yet, you can start by taking up a creative hobby, or learning how to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but denied yourself for whatever reason.

The next step is to begin a practice of mindfulness — being really present in whatever you’re doing. Whatever it is you may be doing — going about your day, walking through the street, drinking tea — cultivate a sense of presence and open awareness of yourself and the world around you. Enjoy the Silence, it is beautiful.

As you continue to deepen your awareness of your presence, and your true Self — savoring the endless richness and wonderful beauty of the world around you -- your work also deepens. Your enjoyment expands, and your life suddenly starts to become lighter and more beautiful. There is more contentment in your being, and therefore less judgment of others and your self. You start to create wonderful spaces in your life and work, and everything starts flowing just a little -- or a lot -- better

Then suddenly, you hit a wall — something bad happens, some emergency comes, and you lose the flow. You become angry, and upset — you begin to doubt yourself, and everything you’ve experienced and created. 

This is where your practice is tested, and you get to go pass through whatever initiation is needed to get you to the next level of your life and practice — the next level of experience in your great journey.

// How do you get through the long dark nights of the soul?

The thing to remember is there is always a way through the struggle, or the conflict, or the darkness, and the fastest way through is to face it straight on.

This doesn’t mean you fight the struggle. Don’t fight it at all, as you will get nowhere but further down it’s long, dark, twisted road — you will be fighting yourself!

Here's what you do: You just look at it, and see it for what it is, and allow it to show you whatever it wants to show you, and you feel whatever it is you are feeling. That's pretty much it! Hear it out, and embrace it like you would any child or good friend. In this practice there is huge power. There is the way through the madness of the struggle — a natural path through the darkness of the tunnel and into the light.

You’ve got to have Big trust in order to get to the next stage of your journey in these dark times -- the next level of knowledge and success and happiness in your life and work. You’ve got to believe in yourself, and keep coming back to the practices you know — the things that bring you that feeling and that flow — and let them carry you through, even if you don’t believe in them! Even if you hate yourself at that time, and you hate what’s coming through, you’ve got to trust and hold on to whatever it is that makes you feel sane and good and happy.

Create the conditions you need to feel OK, cultivate self love, and be a good friend to yourself. Is that so hard...? I know, sometimes what should be the easiest thing to do in the world is actually the hardest!

// What are some more practices for getting through the struggle and the dark nights?

Mindfulness practices are really powerful, and can be life changing — making things a thousand times better than they were — but they will only get you so far as you take them. At some point, you will need to start getting more serious, and bring on the big guns, so to speak. Usually the seriousness of your situation — the depths of the darkness, or the extreme challenges you are facing — will force you to seek a way out.

One of the greatest tools I’ve found for handling extreme circumstances, overcoming obstacles, clearing my energy, and opening the pathways for accessing Soul-Fire Flow, is Breathwork Healing. It’s an ancient yogic breathing practice I’ve been using for the past few years, and it’s a really powerful tool for clearing stuck energy in your body, and connecting directly with the Universal Energy Flow. You can find more info about my experience with it at the link above, as well as the download link to a really wonderful life-changing book and guided audio meditation right away.

Another thing you can do that’s REALLY helpful, is just begin to know yourself better. Start connecting deeper into your true self, and get to know yourself on all the levels — physically, energetically, emotionally. mentally, and spiritually. The practices I teach in my book, FLOW, and the new Soul-Fire Flow course based on the revised version for 2013, are designed to help you deepen this relationship with yourself on all these levels. By learning how to connect directly with the five great Master Elements and work with your own energy, you open the channels for really powerful energy flow in your life and work.

// A couple other things you can do which make a HUGE difference: 

1. Build a better relationship with yourself, understand how you work, and start Loving Your Truth. Figure out what makes you tick, and start to understand your personality style better! I really recommend you learn your place in the Myers-Briggs personality typology scale — it’s powerful information. You can use the free Human Metrics typology test — it’s fast and accurate. For more introverted creative artist-entrepreneurs (like myself), I recommend the work of Cigdem Kobu.

2. Learn your cosmic astrological profile. The only real effective way I know to get a deeper understanding of your astrological profile is through a private session with an expert. The only person I trust for this is Marga Laube, and I don’t even know if she offers private sessions for new clients anymore, but you can start by getting her awesome free monthly Cosmic Almanac email newsletter on her home page there, and I recommend it. When you have someone with the spiritual depth and the knowledge to really understand your cosmic soul print in the way that Marga does, it’s a big life changer. A good astrologer can also help you navigate through the ups and downs in your life path, specific to your own personality, and the cosmic weather so to speak.

3. Get help from people you trust. Sometimes asking for help from your friends is the best way. Other times you just need deeper trust in yourself, and getting to a place where you can connect and build a deeper relationship with your True Self,  your spirit animals and guides, and guardian angels in all their forms.

4. Make more traction in the direction of your dreams and your soul’s calling, keep working at it, and do more of your life’s great work!! It takes a ton of patience, trust, good guidance, help and support, and “stick-to-it-iveness” (as my wonderful high school English teacher used to call it). The great thing is you don’t have to be anything different than exactly who you are — all your doubts, shortcomings, and whatever else you bring are exactly what you need. Even if you hate publicity and attention, you’re super introverted, totally creative, and don't have a naturally strategic or logic-driven mind -- you can do amazing work with what you have, and be totally successful with it. 

I’ve been working at this area for a while, and it took a lot of time and effort to get the momentum going, but it’s all been coming together in its own way, on its own time, by the Grace. I can’t say I’ve achieved a state of perfection, or figured it all out at all yet, but I have been able to pull off some cool stuff I’m proud of! Stuff like:

  • Being completely self-employed for five years following my spirit’s calling,
  • Building a consulting and brand development business for people and companies doing amazing work in the world, from the ground up, and with no experience in this field,
  • Helping people heal, open their energy and change their lives through my private consulting, immersions and Fire of Love Sessions,
  • Self-publishing my first book (2013 revised version is going to be an epic launch too),
  • Building a blog to share my spirit’s calling that’s consistently visited and read by many thousands of unique, wonderful people every month, despite all my resistance and self-doubt over the years,
  • Creating a private Fire of Love program and community to support my fellow Soul-Fire Walkers in awakening their Soul’s Flow and doing their own amazing work in the world,
  • Creating a lifestyle that allows me to live and work from nearly anywhere in the world.

I’m not sharing this all to toot my own horn — it’s all been so much work, and such an enormous process; the result of a GIANT dream that began crystallizing into reality about 5-6 years ago.

I'm sharing this because I want you to know a couple things...

About me: I’m not just pulling this stuff all out my ass. 

About you: It’s totally possible to pull something off like this for yourself, regardless of your personality style, your experience, or your available resources. I want to help you do that. 

The majority of people who come to my site and read my work are first-time readers. If this is your first time — welcome. I hope you feel at home with someone speaking your language, and speaking sanely about something that’s hard to find good info about online! You’re welcome to join my free Soul-Fire Flow course. If you’ve been reading my work for a while, and you’re not on my email list yet, I recommend you jump on now, because I’m adding new content to this new course every week, and it’s really powerful.

What now?

Can you take one or two of the bits from this, and see how to put them into action in your life? If you can reflect on any of this a bit more, write what hits you out, talk about it with someone else, -- you're going to remember so much more. What does Soul-Fire Flow mean to you? When have you experienced it in your life? What is your soul crying for to create NOW? How much longer are you going to ignore the cries...?

// Up Ahead:

I have a series of upcoming posts I’m releasing on the Soul-Fire Flow process - specifically related to getting your amazing work done, launched, and in the world! 

Right now I’m really driven to help intuitive, mindful artists, creators and entrepreneurs get their work in the world, and generate more income from the work you love to do. So we're focusing more on that in the Fire of Love community now, and I'm working on some new more advanced programs and content to help you get your soul's calling launched in the world, and even generate some extra income from the work you love to do!

New updates are planned for release on the Five Master Elements of Flow process, the Structured Flow Process to get things done, Edge Flow for personal and global transformation, and maybe even my newly revised, extensive Soul-Fire Mapping Process here! So pay attention to this space, and any emails you get from me, 'cause this is going to start getting even hotter…

Soul-Fire Flow. I believe I've only just begun tapping the ineffable quality of spaciousness, power and magic at the root of the experience, but I hope it will become more clear -- for you AND me -- over the next few weeks.

Until next time — over and out, with LOVE!

Satya Colombo