The Real Reason For Emotional Overwhelm (it’s not because you are “Too Sensitive”)

Photo x Cherry Laithang

Photo x Cherry Laithang

If you have been feeling the emotional overwhelm lately, you are not alone! First I need you to know something though: 

The reason you experience overwhelm is not because you don’t have strong enough shields, or you are “too sensitive.” 

(You are NOT too sensitive! You were designed that way for a reason, and you are perfect EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.) 

Can you take that in for a moment?? You are perfect. (And yes, you are “enough.”)  

Now can I tell you THE no. 1 reason why you get overwhelmed?

You get overwhelmed simply due to the effects of a lifetime of carrying so many other peoples’ burdens—on top of your own. 

That is a LOT to carry.

How can your system not be overloaded?

When the bucket is full, you simply cannot add any more water…!

You think maybe you need to shield yourself from negative energy, but the truth is you really just need to HEAL YOURSELF from it. Because your system is already so damn overloaded. 

I developed my own self-healing system because I was breathing and meditating every day, and my bucket was still filling up faster than I could empty it! I had to bring in ALL the tools, and then choose the ones that worked the best...  

Now my practice incorporates a specific protocol of breathwork, shamanic energy healing, mindset work, and somatic “listening.” 

The reason for this is because you need to be able to actually sense what your body is aching for at the deepest levels so you can heal old traumas, and transmute the scripts and belief systems around them.

When you have eliminated those old patterns that keep you trapped then you are free to operate in the full strength of who you really are….

You no longer get stuck in the endless cycle of analysis paralysis.

You learn how to insert LOVE in place of confusion.

AND you get to snuggle even deeper into your essence, enjoying the sense of infinite wonder that brings into your life every day.

So listen— mindfulness and deep breathing are totally great, but they are not going to do the work for you! You’ve got to show up and do it, every day. And learn how to practice daily Sacred Hygiene.

You can do this on your own. But if you have someone qualified to show you how AND support you through the process due to their own life experience, it is so much easier to make progress.

Are you ready to heal and release the burdens that are keeping your system overloaded? You don’t have to go it alone anymore...

It’s time to stop dragging that heavy heart around and dive into the magic of your essence and true power. 🔥👑

You got this.

Love You,


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