Learn how to navigate the waters of your own being through breath and energy alignment — using a practice that literally takes minutes, not hours, a day


Snuggle into who you are, and live your life at full strength and confidence.

Life can be intense and overwhelming at times — especially for those designed with higher empathy to be of greater service.

You want to feel connected to yourself, to humanity, to Gaia herself, and yet not lost in it all! This is one of the fastest paths available to that empowered connection.

When you are aligned with your soul and present in your body, you create a stillness that is unprecedented.

You get to make decisions that support your goals with less struggle.

You begin to see personal challenges as gifts, not a means of breaking you.

You finally get to see what it feels like to rise above consistently. And to do it in a way that does not alienate anyone you love, but rather helps them rise WITH you.




Learn how to rewrite the scripts that keep you running in circles

The foundation of the practice is an ancient Pranayama Breathwork technique that is done while laying down. This alone is incredibly popular with my clients because it’s easy to do and works like a CHARM at moving energy, clearing the mind, and grounding you in your Spirit.

The Quantum Healing Breath system incorporates a specific protocol of breathwork, shamanic energy healing, mindset work, and somatic “listening.” 

The reason for this is because you need to be able to actually sense what your body is aching for at the deepest levels so you can heal old traumas, and transmute the scripts and belief systems around them.

When you have eliminated those old patterns that keep you trapped then you are free to operate in the full strength of who you really are…

You no longer get stuck in the endless cycle of analysis paralysis.

You learn how to insert LOVE in place of confusion.

AND you get to snuggle even deeper into your essence, enjoying the sense of infinite wonder that brings into your life every day.

Will ALL the answers and inner connection come the first time…? Probably not. This is still a practice that you develop over time, but it consumes so much less of your life doing it.

Side effects of this work include:

  • Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world and all that is in it.

  • Ability to clear out the funk that others pass to us as empaths.

  • Create the income and wealth that allows you to empower yourself, your community, and the world at large.

  • Attain sovereignty over your emotions.

  • Regulate the nervous system so you can drop into a natural state of balance.

  • Improve your physical vitality and well-being.

  • Resilient emotional and mental health.

  • Integrated body, mind and soul into a cohesive and highly functioning system.

  • Lock in a state of being that supports you in reaching your daily goals.

  • Feel stronger, connected and more capable as you go through your day.

  • And so much more.

And most important, it takes just 15 minutes a day to do. Because you have your amazing life and work to get to!!

This healing meditation practice is one of my most important bodies of work to date.

Since establishing it, I’ve been able to:

  • Sleep deeper and rise refreshed and ready — with no alarm.

  • Shift my physical AND emotional well-being from wobbly to bulletproof, on command.

  • Improve my mental focus and productive output ten-fold.

And if you’re ready to experience these things and much more like it, I want you to let me guide you to that by teaching you the Quantum Healing Breath system.

And just to make this offer ridiculously appealing, I am also giving you the extended support you need to succeed through 10 days of private one-one coaching.

For ten days following our session, I will personally coach and support through it with regular check-ins by DM. You will have the support you need to complete the challenge, and you can ask me questions about whatever comes up for you along the way.

With this under your belt, you will have learned the practice strong enough for it to become a regular part of your life—if you want to continue to receive the benefits!! And I have no doubt you will.

I believe in this with all my soul. And that’s what you get when you sign up to learn the process that’s going to shift you out of a place of struggling and feeling as though you are drowning into a place of soul-deep serenity that reverberates through everything you do to permeate this universe.

Because if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that you and I can make a difference.

And I’m excited to walk with you on this journey.

Learn Quantum Healing Breathwork today and take the leap into the next level of your life.

You will not only be calmer, more in control, and happier, so will those who you love.

Quantum Healing Breath Coaching Includes:

  • 75-minute Private Session via Zoom Video — we discuss your personal needs and goals, I explain the practice, guide you through a session, and answer any questions before we close.

  • 10 days of Follow-up Coaching via Private Message.

  • MP3 Audio Recording of our session you can playback whenever you need.

Cost: $222. ($450 real-world value)

After countless years and thousands of hours of practice, trial and error, I am so pleased to be able to offer you the tools that have helped change everything for me and so many of my clients who have begun using it already!


Client Testimonials:

“I knew I had to work with Satya when my biofeedback device said that in order to be in balance I had to breathe. So, I signed up for his  Healing Breathwork coaching right away and committed to the 10-day practice challenge. Satya is a great teacher, and I felt safe and supported in his presence. His guidance was easy to follow, and the insights he shared were spot on. I loved receiving the divine presence and support of my angels and guides in session as well. That has had the unexpected effect of providing the security I needed to release any fears around deepening my practice.  

With Satya’s guidance and support, I was able to bring his powerful healing system into my own daily practice. This has been life-changing and expanded my self healing abilities to another level. I feel empowered and revitalized. I am reclaiming my original self, and doing better then ever before!

— Regina Ferraro, New Mexico

“I had become numb to life and was having major anxiety issues. Through Satya’s patience and commitment to my process over time, I was finally able to let go of my resistance to heal. I was able to learn the tools to transform my life. I now know what it is to have boundaries and how to maintain them. I am happy and centered in myself most days, and I feel like a whole person again! I can feel myself strengthened on all levels of my being—body, mind, heart and soul.

If you want to strengthen your practice and learn all about breathwork, healing, forgiveness, and boundaries, I highly recommend working with Satya! I finally found my place in life. I finally have a sense of belonging, and I wish that kind of peace for everyone.

—Christy Ingram

"I have had more better days strung together than in the past 4 years since starting the daily practice. I think I am really affecting my programming and making a bend in the auto-response mechanism of my neurologic system. Basically I feel and think Good!"

—Janna Montgomery

“You've given me a gentle yet practical structure to self-healing and reclaiming latent parts of my essential self. I was able to release limiting beliefs from my childhood that inhibited my purpose, health, relationships, and self-expression. I now feel aligned and confident to commit full force. 

Through the methods you taught me, I was able to experience the difference between thinking to actualize desires vs. allowing my desires to unfold. So much easier, no more chasing it around the block. I'm thrilled to say yes to sweet surrender. I'm less stressed and totally falling in love with uncertainty. I'm trusting in myself and the process more than ever.”

—Rina Rose

Satya is a gifted healer who holds space with integrity, honesty, and unconditional love so that we each may dive into our own fire and come up more whole, connected, and aware of our innate perfection!"  

—Carrie Hensley

“I see you as a catalyst for transformation. When a big vision lies dormant in someone, the best thing they could do for themselves is work with you to catalyze their own individual transformation, so they can in turn catalyze others with their vision. I found that the changes in my understanding as a result of working with you positioned me to make significantly more money, more easily, in my practice. My investment paid off!!”

—Marga Laube

You are an amazing, dynamic, and highly attuned individual—committed to living your purpose, being of service, and making this world a better place.

Are you done with putting everyone else’s needs and accomplishments in front of your own?

It’s time to show up stronger and shine bright with a practice that helps you prevail through even the toughest challenges...

Special offer available for a limited time only — subject to availability. Payment plans available. Questions: satya (at) satyacolombo.com / 323-540-4456