Boundaries + Breathwork // Online Healing Workshop

boundaries breathwork

Sunday, September 3rd: In this healing workshop you will learn some key practices to strengthen and illuminate your personal boundaries and sacred space. Boundaries are the key to thriving as a high-functioning empathic human. Without healthy energetic boundaries you are likely to be dragging yourself through your days exhausted, stretched thin and challenged to maintain focus.

Symptoms of weak or messy boundaries include: Inability to separate others' needs from your own; taking on everyone else’s problems while you’re left drained and your own needs neglected; always running late (with a great excuse!); extremely challenged to keep your house in order and find what you need when you need it; excessive fear of saying no and/or disappointing others; consistently bogged down or enraged by the energy of those you come into contact with, particularly those in authority positions; and the list goes on…. If these symptoms are ringing a bell, this will be a great opportunity to heal and shift the energy around those boundaries for you!

When you are clear about how to manage your personal energy field it’s like having a safety cushion to rest in knowing that even if someone is “all up in your space” you’re not going to suck up all their junk. The Pranayama Breathwork practice will help you stay grounded and centered as you continue to cleanse, heal, and manage your energy.

Registration includes a cosmic playbook download with further instruction and prompts to help develop your strength and maintain healthy boundaries. 

About Breathwork

The Breathwork practice is an ancient high technology for awakening the soul, healing, and releasing stuck emotions and energetic blocks. Done while laying down, this gentle two-stage Pranayama breathing meditation is easy to integrate into daily life with phenomenal effects on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The space I hold is safe and magical, backed by seven years of healer training and a lifetime of spiritual practice, (and a cherished team of angel helpers!). Circling up with shared intentions magnifies the energy and experience—you will receive exactly what you need to up-level in your life and evolution. Ground and clear your energy, open your heart, dissolve stress, and restore balance to your body, mind and soul.

Hosted online via Zoom video conferencing so you can easily connect from anywhere in the world through your computer, tablet, or smartphone. As close as it gets to gathering in real life while in the comfort of your own space. Sunday 9/3 at 1-3PM Pacific (Los Angeles Time). Show up early to this one and be prepared for some life-changing magic! Recording + playlist will be made available for those who cannot attend live. 

Contact: satya (at) | 323-540-4456