Wild Soul Wisdom – Panther & Hummingbird Spirit Animal Blessings

panther-hummingbird-by-satya-colombo_1024 With all the intensity in the air right now between the cosmic weather and post-election energy, I was thrilled to pull Panther and Hummingbird as our current Wild Soul Wisdom guides. As this is the last week I'm offering Spirit Animal Guardian readings for 2017, they are stepping forward to help guide those as well! So that feels auspicious. :)

One of the ways I work is through applying the Animal Spirit wisdom I channel to the trinity of Masculine, Feminine and the Infinite (aka Spirit). But I don't believe in a separation between these. When in balance this perfect dance unfolds in which we can truly embody our highest potential, by the Grace. (Perfect balance?? Possible yes! :))

In this short channeling session, Panther Medicine is helping with the inward feminine aspect—how we navigate our inner world—while Hummingbird is supporting us with the outward masculine aspect—how we take action in the world. But I'm not so foolish to imply that women are all about emotions and men about action. I'm talking about the core energies of the feminine and masculine. The yin-yang, circular vs linear, (and dare I say it) pussy power vs penis power. As you well know there's this wonderful union possible in there, and when it's united with the sacred Infinite and FULLY EMBODIED as ONE we get, well...balance and ecstasy. When in conflict and separation we get...well you've seen it, violence, oppression, and other not nice phenomena.

As you'll see, both these Spirit Animal Guides talk about how to navigate from a place of power through our lives in the world. That's very much because they are representing the highest potential expression of the archetypal energies they represent. In unified balance.

Panther Spirit's message:

Everything you seek starts from right inside of you. Come along now, you are safe, I will take you there. Do not fear the darkness. What do you have to fear? You have nothing to fear! Your Word is your Truth is your Light. Bring on the Good. Or stay hiding in your shadows. You are the one you've been waiting for! We are waiting too. I love you.

Hummingbird Spirit's message:

There are so many paths to that which you seek, and a rainbow of facets in every delight. Relish them now and tomorrow, forever...just know that your real needs are found somewhere deeper.

At the wellspring of joy you will find your way home, but only my dear if your heart is employed! If you're dizzy, depleted, you need to take care — just call on my name and I'll be right there.

Listen now...listen dear...quiet...just listen.... I'm right here around you, with a whoosh and a whisper, may the Blessings Astound you!


In light of what's going on astrologically + energetically and what I'm seeing in people around me—in particular the self-identified mystics, healers, empaths and creatives, but just as true for nearly everyone... 

I'm struck with Panther's message around BEING FIERCE in minding your needs and self care. To not be afraid of our own shadows. To bring the light inside, shine brighter and trust that we can handle it! Panther is just straight up: Be. There. For. YOU. It's time. Then get out and kick some behind.

This card is clearly a black panther, which is actually the same species as BLACK JAGUAR under a different name. Among the Toltecs and many other indigenous wisdom traditions of the Americas and beyond, this Animal Spirit is revered for its protection, magic and power in navigating the unseen. Call on Black Panther when you want some extra strength embracing the unknown and finding your own light in the dark. Strength, protection + illumination.

Interestingly, Panther's message also calls to mind this essential interview on B*tch Media I spotted recently that along with Angela Davis cites the self-described 'black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet' Audre Lord with the world's best quote on Self Care:

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” –Audre Lord

Self care is not self-indulgent, it is a political act. It is absolutely 100% THE essential foundation of any revolution. You've gotta be in it for the haul! This is also how I work my own service into the movement.

Hummingbird is speaking to me a lot about the INSANE RABBIT HOLES of social media right now. Try not to get sucked into all the dizzying temptations and distractions around you as you move through your days. There's so many shiny and pretty toys and balms that the marketers and other predatory capitalists will try and sucker you for. Especially in a place of vulnerability with unhealed or un-held emotional energy. There are so many diversions you can get sucked into, but when it happens, just come back to Source. Watch out for those addictions right now! No substitute for being with your self. Recenter and find that fountain of LOVE + TRUTH and JOY inside you. Then move from there.

And one more thing: Please take extra care to check inside and dip into the Fountain, before you go being impulsive and responding to people from a place of reactionary anger, etc. That is the path. The only way forward if you want to be truly effective in fulfilling your needs and desires!

Balance...wouldn't that be nice? Definitely Possible! See if you can call in the wisdom and energy of hummingbird and panther to help you navigate through the coming days in your highest power. Self care, preservation,  Clarity, strength, wisdom, love. You got this!

Love and blessings, Satya


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