Truth, Love & Beauty - Virtual Breathwork Circle

  • Note: This event is priced at a sliding scale to make the breathwork more accessible. $25 is the suggested rate. Please use the button below to choose your payment amount. :)  

Sunday, February 19th 11AM-1PM Pacific: In this very special global healing and meditation circle we will align with the powers of Love, Truth and Beauty to stand in our highest power. When we gather to embody our true strength, we heal and empower not only ourselves, but our loved ones and the greater communities we are a part of as well.

Our Sunday circle will open with a meditation to bring us together in Spirit and activate the magic of our intentions. Holy wood and sage are burned as our prayers and invocations are sent up. We will engage around opening our hearts and minds to truly embody Love and Truth, breathing together to an inspiring and magical playlist. Aligning with our high selves, and committing to stand for what really matters, we are empowered to Walk In Beauty in the world.


  • How to incorporate the Breathwork into your daily practice for lasting change.
  • How to release belief systems and energy blocks that hold you back from living in your highest power and doing the work you are called here for.
  • Let go of stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and self-doubt to make room for love and confidence and most importantly—your Spirit!
  • Learn how to breathe properly every day for a huge uptake in overall health and happiness.
  • How your practice can clear the path to manifesting what you truly desire
  • Harnessing the Universal Life Force for greater strength, clarity and effectiveness in all your life and work.
  • Ask me how to overcome your own personal challenges around cultivating strength, healing, personal empowerment and soul awakening — whatever they may be.

About the practice:

Since becoming a certified Breathwork Healer in 2011 I've experienced deeper healing and awakening in both myself and my clients then through 20 years of prior practice with masters around the world.

Done while laying down, this gentle two-stage breathing practice with ancient yogic roots can be used any time to heal, ground and clear your energy, raise your vibration, and restore symbiosis to your body and soul. Because it's so easy to integrate into your daily life with incredible results, Breathwork is now a large and growing movement. I have been studying with renowned healer David Elliott for many years, and I'm honored to be a part of sharing this magic.

Space is limited so please purchase your tickets in advance to ensure you get in and receive instructions for participating. We will do our best to provide a recording for all who have registered, but it is not guaranteed.

Date: Sunday February 19th, 2017

Time: 11AM-1PM PST Los Angeles time

(2-3PM in New York/7-9PM in London)

Cost: $15-40 Sliding Scale

Location: Online via Zoom - in the comfort of your home.

The Zoom meeting program is very simple to use - you will need a computer with internet and camera to join. Connect in from your bedroom or living room, or wherever you have privacy. No prior experience with breathwork or meditation necessary. 

Contact: satya (at) | 323-540-4456