Magic Everywhere (coming back to take us home)

saguaro cactus by satya colombo MAGIC is my word for 2017. There is a lot I could share about this and what it's been unfolding for me so far. The only thing that really matters right now though: I am here to serve and advance and enjoy. And MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE. When I align with that reality it reveals so much and brings me to my knees and lifts me up again even higher around the f*cking universe to crash land and laugh and start all over again, forever... I don't know where I'm going, but at least I'm having some more fun now, and I want to help you bring more magic in your life too. So I'm pushing myself to share more of all the good and the real and the beautiful, and enjoying it all a little more again.

This cactus is from an Instagram I published yesterday. I'm going to share the text below because it's kind of awesome -- there is so much to learn from the natural world. Actually, if you wonder why you can finally feel YOURSELF in the wild... Why the ocean makes you come alive....why the wind speaks to you in waves...there are so many reasons, as you know. But the main ones I'm seeing this moment are,

First: We are made of all these elements! The water, the fire, the air, the earth, the spirit -- it's all inside of us as much as we are inside of existence and living on the earth. TWO: we really do come from the earth! Everything we eat contains all the stuff of the earth and so many of the elements also inside of our bodies. So we are supported by the earth, but more than that we are children of the earth  -- in the MOST LITERAL SENSE! There is more of course,  so much, but let's leave some for the next time and look at this a minute deeper....

For many years I had the hardest time believing that I come from monkeys. AND whether or not you believe in evolution, aside from the very real albeit crazy possibility that we were seeded from star people, all available evidence points to the fact that our ancestors are protozoa. Blue-green algae...the first single-cell life forms that emerged in the ocean 100 thousand million years ago. I don't even know how long ago. Look it up, I can't be bothered right now lol. But I think you get the picture here? Your ancestors are f*cking beautiful and weird and totally amazing. OK without further ado, the famous cactus of Quartzsite post...

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart." This one from Carl Jung often echoes in my thoughts. As you will I'm sure recall, it continues... "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." / I spotted this cactus on a car-charging break, road tripping from Sedona with @josh_reeve_randall. I loved its funny rabbit ears and how it stood so stark in contrast with its environment. It's a great moment, but I resisted sharing because it felt so close to home. The thorny isolation, the fuck you world I'm doing it anyway. But really when you look deeper there's so much more. So much to be learned from this humble giant. The way it stores water in its body, expanding like an accordion and enabling it to survive the longest summers. The slow and steady growth -- just one inch per year -- giving it a long and productive life. The thorns that protect the cactus from predators, while also processing photosynthesis in place of leaves which would consume too much water.... Because of its slow growth and great water capacity, the Saguaro cactus is able to flower every year no matter the weather, producing pollen for procreation and fruits for the desert animals. / Nature has no equal -- look inside, or get outside and bring it home -- so much magic everywhere, just a little peek beneath the veil is sometimes all it takes.

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I look around these days and I see people who are so lost, so drained, so empty and sad. We have more information and more power at our fingertips than ever before, but yet we know so little about the true nature of things.

I have been studying these esoteric, practical and magical things for so many years...when you go so far past the boundaries of ordinary experience, coming back to earth and catching a few others to bring along with you can feel like falling backwards. But this is the only way. This is how we grow. This is what we're here for. At least, I can speak for myself. It's what I'm here for. (Just figuring out how to build a container deep enough to hold it all is a lifelong project ! I'm not alone on this ride, though, thank you.)

I believed in the separation for so long. That conflict between the normal world and the mystic world. But you know...? That's just another story too. We're re-writing our story now. We're re-envisioning, re-imagining, recreating our collective future together. When I open the news it feels shit sometimes, but then I peer beyond the illusion and into the magic infinite, and it feels so different. It feels bright. That's where we're going. That's Home.

See you again soon. In my dreams. In my heart. On the web. In the world. And don't forget about the famous cactus of Quartzsite!!! ;)

Under the blue-green veils,



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