I want to thank you.

This place where I share the truth of my soul for you to witness, This place where I battle with some of my greatest demons, and dance with my glorious angels,

This place where I revel in what's most real for me in this world,

This place is my refuge...

Coming back here, I touch down to something familiar,

Something real, like home, in a life where home is wherever I lay my head.

Coming back here, I remember something sweet and soft,

Something I only get here,

Something I miss when I go way out past the breakers and hang ten for a while, or get tossed around in the sea, and wonder for a brief moment, whether I'll make it back alive...

In this place, there is someone to hear me,

In this place, there is someone who believes in me,

In this place, there is everything I believe in, and everything I love most in the world,

In this place, there is someone who understands,

I want to thank you for being that someone.

And if you're one of the ones who is listening,

and one of the ones who cares,

I want you to know that I am grateful, so very grateful, in my heart of hearts.

I don't want to lose this...

I hope that I can live up to the calling of my spirit,

and the calling of yours, too...

Thank you.

I love you. Really, I do.

May you have peace and fulfillment and all that you want and need in the world, and for the rest of your days...

With love and gratitude,



p.s. for the next couple weeks I will be even quieter than I have been lately, as I'm taking a media breather to reflect on everything, and spend some deeper time with the fire of my own heart. The fire of love sessions have been amazing, and I will let you know if and when I offer them again. I really love this work, and I want to continue to do more of it -- it fills my heart with love and life. I'm looking at how to bring this work forward in a way that more of you can access it, without diluting their power... xo