Returning to Your Roots: The Remembrance

I just took two weeks off for an online media breather. It seems there is no better cure for the case of "what to do now...." Lying on the beach of this tiny Costa Rica town I'm in, these simple thoughts came to me. I wrote them down roughly, and worked it out on my notebook later. Here then is what came out of the nothing... something I'm working with in my life right now... it is,

The Remembrance

Way out past the breakers, long beyond the edge, past the longing for something better...

The Remembrance of a simple truth:

I Exist.

Landing in that truth means a return to innocence. Back to basics. Back to an easier way. Back to your roots...

Double ice cream cones. Sandcastles by the sea. Movies in the daytime. Dinner by candlelight. Naptime in your schedule. Crying 'cause it feels good. Laughing 'cause life is funny. Screaming at the sky for no good reason. Letting go of your mind. Making your own rules. Working for the fun of it. Living for the hell of it.

The Grand Illusion is that you have so much to do, and so little time. But do you buy that really...?

The Truth is:

All that matters is you are alive, and you are living well.

Your family is alive, your loved ones are alive, your life is alive.

You know all this can change in a moment, and you may well have lost loved ones and family in recent times. Are you living well...?

The Remembrance is a return to innocence. Back to your roots. Back to living easy. Back to a simpler way.

The Remembrance is:

I Exist...I am alive!

Then, maybe:

How am I feeling right now... how am I living right now? How am I breathing right now?

You are alive, and you are well. You are a living, breathing entity of love. Can that be enough for this moment? I'm pretty sure everything else can wait.

Let it wait.


With love, (and double ice cream cones)


...and yes, that means pretty much anything else you might be thinking about. Hey, you're still breathing? Cool.