Slowing Down to Catch the Speed of Your Destiny

Sunset view from the internet center - PachaMama, Guanacaste, Costa Rica  

I am in an extremely unusual and remarkable place. It's a spiritual community in the jungle forest of Northwest Costa Rica called PachaMama. I will be here for a month, participating in a work exchange program, working with the land, diving into my roots.

It's very different here from the modern world. It bursts with life. The monkeys are loud and ever near, howling like monsters from the trees. Bugs are enormous and strangely beautiful. The forest hums and shakes, wrapping us all in her soft embrace.

Mornings begin early, stretching slowly into the afternoon. Time languishes beautifully, especially when I work with the farm and gardens. Time actually slows down.

Surrendering to the life force of this place, I drop into a different speed. It's the speed of the infinite, and it is timeless. And you know what...? It's very productive here. The community is driven. More work is accomplished here than you can imagine.

A strange paradox.


On the first night here I joined a sacred Amazon rainforest medicine ceremony. It was maybe the most intense experience I've ever had. An initiation into the deep forest. But when I found my way through the darkest depths, I saw everything I needed to know in the world about myself and my truth.

There is no way I could possibly explain the totality of that experience. Perhaps the closest I could come would be to turn this screen white right now. Just a bright, soft white screen. Picture that...nothing left to try and understand. Just the pure essence and potentiality of this existence, waiting to burst forth.

At some point that night I stared into the infinite depths of the astounding _____________ that is this life. I thought of my friends and my family, and certain friends in our communities online, and all I could think was HOLY MOTHER guys....holy wow, what the F*CK! We are living on the smallest tip of the full rich vastness of this existence, so many of us...if only we could see the truth of this! What might we accomplish...? ...and I love you!


My mind has rearranged itself, evolving dramatically in the way it functions, and continues to do so. Natural strengths are emerging stronger, while certain aspects I might have previously considered weaknesses are also more apparent. What I can see clearly as I write here -- this mind is shedding what it no longer needs, reconfiguring into more of its natural state to support my commitment to live the truth of who I am.

  • Reason driven, mathematical-type problem solving: Fail.
  • Gut level, natural intelligence-based decision making: Win.

There is nothing in the world holding me back from living my truth. The only question remaining is, how deep can I go..?

The deeper I dive into this truth, the richer my experience becomes and the closer I get to living the life I've foreseen for many years. It's an existence I've sensed and waited to live since I was a young man -- always just ahead in my future -- the destiny that was awaiting my arrival.

I struggled hard for years to catch up with that -- working hard, spinning my wheels, treading water to stay afloat. Perhaps now I've actually slowed down and deepened enough to catch up and merge with it. Or, maybe it's just a big cosmic mystery, and I should just be grateful and not attempt to make too much sense of it.

But then why do this work at all...?


I'm not saying you should do what I've done, or follow me and catch your destiny. I'm saying, slow down a bit, quiet down enough to catch the timeless frequency of your existence. Become entranced and enchanted by that, and see where it takes you. Be willing to take big risks, and lose your pants, for what you believe in.

Your path and your destiny is yours and yours alone. But you are doing us all a disservice when you live a lie, and settle for anything less. Please don't make excuses for yourself.

When life seems to not be going your way, remember the universe is not against you, you are probably fighting against it. Stop struggling against the flow of life and let it carry you where you're meant to go. If you want to be taken to the good places, just settle down enough to hear the call of your spirit, feel the fear, and jump anyway.

(Repeat as needed. No skipping the jumping part.)

I ask you now, for real: In your life, you've seen the truth of who you are -- you've caught wondrous glimpses, lived timeless enchantments. How can you expect to be truly at peace if you are not pursuing or living a life in alignment with the vastness of your existence...? No one and nothing is stopping you. How much deeper can you go into That...?


I'm pretty certain the deeper you go, the better your life will get. See you on the free fall...

With love,