Managing Gmail Overwhelm : A Mini Guide for the Creative and Intuitive Ones

This may be the world’s simplest way to manage your email, but it took me six years of using Gmail to figure out! It's so easy to follow I've dubbed it the 'World's Simplest Gmail Management System.' It's especially designed for creative and intuitive people who get a lot of emails, get overwhelmed, and occasionally miss responding to the most important ones...


The basic system is outlined below, and I've also created a 10-page downloadable mini-guide with several pages of tips for further improving and optimizing your email experience through simple processes and Gmail extensions.

There’s only one caveat: You still have to get in there and do the work! It's so much easier when you enjoy the process though...

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Note: This system will only work with Gmail. If you're considering switching to Gmail this short guide from Google explains the process. It's easy to set up your new Gmail account to send and receive mail from your other email addresses.

My 5-Step System to Regain Control of Your Inbox:

The basic idea of this system is to save you time and energy by allowing you to focus on the important messages and filter out those that don’t need processing. It works well because it allows you to add a filter of sanity and intention to your inbox, and enables your mind to gear up and start working on those messages before you even get to them!

  1.  Scan & Star: Visually scan through all the messages in your inbox and Star those you need to review or respond to.
  2.  Select All:  Click > The checkbox at the top left of your inbox message list to select all emails on the page.
  3.  Archive: Click > 'Archive.' Repeat for all messages in your inbox until you reach Inbox Zero.
  4.  Respond:  Click > ‘Starred’ messages and send your replies.
  5.  Un-star:  Either unstar each message after responding, or Batch unstar: Select all emails > ‘More’ > ‘Remove star’.

Bam! That’s all there is to it. I’ve used this 5-step system to bring my Gmail Inbox from 2,000+ messages to 0 in less than an hour -- that’s the greatest feeling!  Then you just have to dive in when you can and respond to the important ones.

The full visual guide is in the 10-page premium mini-guide.

Hardcore minimalists may find fault with this method, but for the rest of us it’s a sound solution to managing our inboxes -- if perhaps just a bit unconventional. Why waste precious time processing emails when you can just file them away in one swoop for future reference?

Emails are really just bits in the cloud -- a search away -- and they’re not taking space on your hard drive with Gmail.  If you get too close to your storage limit you can upgrade to an additional 25 GB's storage for just $5/year, or use the FindBigMail app.

On processing your Starred messages:

For more creative types: Jump around in the stars without looking too deep -- just answer the ones that pop out at you. It's the most fun way to do this, and eventually you get it done!  You can always alternate this more intuitive gut-level approach with a more procedural email by email strategy -- one after another -- when you feel called that way.  Or, just scan and focus on the most important ones first.

The extended 10-page mini-guide contains loads of more great tips and lovely images, including several pages of inspiration and tips on improving and optimizing your email experience through simple processes and approaches.

The guide also includes my most often used and essential browser extensions and Gmail Labs features. These indispensable plugins have made my life in the inbox so much more enjoyable and productive!

Archive Simple Gmail System

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Enjoy your life in the inbox and more time in the world!

Love, Satya


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