Dive Into the Sea of Love to Transform Your World :: Calling In the Magic

fairy magic We complain endlessly about taxes and the politicians and the economy -- oh, the economy! -- we get mad and panic, throw in the towel (or kick and scream and try to do something about it). Regardless, in truth our societies are built upon systems of governance, finance and inequity based on innately flawed values, and ancient, crusty belief systems.

That's why we have to work on liberating ourselves and our own minds from the crutches of these backwards old belief systems and forge paths of our own making -- paths of light based on our highest values -- either outside of or within the system. Or at the fringes.

Why does it matter?

We can't expect governments to be making enlightened policy decisions when they're leading a nation of people governed by greed and fear. We have to define the priorities and the direction of our governments from the ground up. When the leaders see where the people are headed, what we're hungry and fighting for, and where the power is moving, that's what shifts the policies.

When we make the decision to walk in beauty through the darkness, to heal ourselves and transform our belief systems -- to choose to make great art and beauty from this great platter of our past agonies -- this power moves through our hearts and minds, and through our bodies into the world. It shifts everything, and this alone changes the world.

You have everything you need.

It matters more than ever because of this great age in which so many thousands of people needlessly die of hunger each day, where greed and overconsumption drive the destruction of the global ecology, and where we have the opportunity to reach so many people and make a real difference with the resources and technology available to us now.

Call in the magic:

There's a special place where intuition and intelligence meet in the center of love. That sweet spot has so many layers of depth to it -- such great power. Bring the magic into your life.

Cultivate the sweet spot by seducing the magical aspects around you. Call them in with just a little fire in your heart for something greater than you. There are all sorts of forces at work around us to help make our lives better, and to help us improve the lives of those around us. Surrender to these energies -- open your mind to the possibility that maybe angels and fairies really do exist -- and if they did, then why couldn't they be around you at all times helping you out if you wished?*

Even if you have trouble believing in such things, that's OK -- if you want proof of your divinity, connect in your heart with something or someone you love more than anything in the world, and dive into that.

There is no end to the greatness of this love. 

There is the magic. Bring that closer into your life! Feel it brushing against your skin, and pushing outwards to break the walls of your heart.

Color the world with it -- splash paintbrushes in the sky with your great love. Let it consume you and fill you totally, healing your darkest places and healing the world with it. There is no limit to what this love can do!

If you want your life and work to make the greatest impact: Throw it all into the endless sea of love in your heart and frolic with reckless abandon.

I know that is the core foundation of all our greatest work.

Let the fire of your heart whip smoking hot flames, and FROLIC FERVENTLY in the sea of love.

With joyful abandon, Satya



*I mention fairies because I'm reading this book and really enjoying it: The Real World of Fairies by Dora van Gelder (If you've ever felt drawn to this world and you have an open mind, it's pretty great).


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