A Birthday Love + Holiday Flow Package for You

It's my birthday! I like to give gifts on my birthday, so I put together this special little 3-piece care package for you today... pay what you can, pay what you feel -- whatever you want, it's for real! Knowing that you've received the love of my heart through my work is your gift to me. I love the feeling of an inbox full of those little notifications from e-junkie. They make me happy! And I have a couple more surprises below too...

A Fierce Wisdom Birthday - Holiday Flow Package!

Birthday FLOW Package 2012

1. Flow: The Five Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty

This is the last chance to get this book before I take it off the market until the new and revised version is ready (psst... everyone who's purchased this book before it's removed will be given access to an advance review copy of the new Flow book before it's released).  This guidebook is meant to be put to use in your life and work, and contains powerful exercises, worksheets and meditations to help you access the source of all strength, wisdom and creative flow within you!

2. The Fierce Wisdom Holiday Manifesto

This is a simple one-page manifesto -- easy enough to memorize -- in high-resolution so you can print it out as big as you want and give it away or carry it in your wallet through the holidays!

3. Exclusive Fire of Love Mission: What Are You Made Of?

This is the PDF of one of our missions from the Fire of Love Project that's never been released outside of the group. It's an especially long and powerful mission -- 7 pages -- and it touches the very heart of this work. Intense and beautiful if you are ready and willing to dive in!

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Oh, and two more birthday surprise offerings...!

1. Five Fire of Love Sessions: Healing and Life-Work Whispering -- I'm opening 5 spaces only to pay what you can and feel!

These are private sessions in which I use my gifts of clairaudient hearing and shamanic energy tracking and healing to uncover your greatest natural gifts, and help you learn to heal yourself. Apply here

2. Tame the Dragon: Website Consulting & Optimization Service

This is a new service we're offering through my web consulting/design business for people who are stuck in battle with their website, or just stuck in limbo! We help you get your hands in the reins, tame the dragon and get it working for you! Of course in this pursuit, as most worldly pursuits, the first battle to overcome is the one in your own head.... Dragon Fire + Lion Heart + You and Me = Strong and Happy Website! Learn more here


Birthday FLOW Package 2012

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This is a digital package download. No refunds. Offer expires midnight Saturday, November 25th. The Flow book and the birthday package will no longer be available after Saturday!

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