Hello Clarity Old Friend, Goodbye Confusion: Dialing In the Love

dial in the love - los angeles I was feeling hazy this morning and resistant to writing, but I have a commitment to stick to: Write at least one article per week, and publish on Tuesdays by 12 noon.  I'm doing this for a few reasons, but overall I know it's good for my own growth and for my people

(Aside from last week for my birthday I've been pretty good about it, though sometimes late on the noon deadline -- !)

The problem is that sometimes I'm hazy, cranky, jumpy or overwhelmed with life/work, and it's not the most fertile ground (a lot of times lately, it seems!). Because I'm working with a certain flow of energy that corresponds to what's happening in my life and the world, I can't write articles more than 24 hours in advance as I inevitably end up scrapping them.

Today I found a decent solution to cutting through the haze and resistance, so I decided to share that with you. A fun mini spiritual practice... 

Dialing In the Love

According to the expert linguists at Urban Dictionary, the phrase dial it in comes from tuning engines:  "Mechanics set contact points for the electrical system of the engine and then 'dial in' the timing so it will run perfectly."

I don't know if this is the true source of the phrase, but it's a great analogy for what I propose. Actively dialing in the love is a process of tuning your internal circuits to clear out haze, confusion, doubt and resistance. Sometimes the circuits are clogged by negative energies -- you can go inside and find the source of these clogged circuits by inquiring what's really going on, and then continue to tune them by infusing them with love.

This isn't sit in the cave and meditate for months kinda stuff -- a few minutes is all you need. In this case the inquiry itself begins to loosen the muck, and identifying the source and infusing it with love helps finish the job.

The practice: (five steps, I love this number!)

1. You're feeling hazy, cloudy, confused, uninspired, jumpy, frustrated, blocked -- whatever it may be. Ask yourself: What am I feeling right now?

2. Think about that feeling, find whatever it is that isn't feeling good, and ask it simply, What's going on?

2a. Sometimes you think it's one thing that's making you cranky or upset, but the real source is actually a few layers beneath that. So you may have to keep inquiring of yourself, What's really going on...why are you really feeling that way?

3. Once you've tracked down to what it is, then you have to really see it -- witness and accept that it's there. But don't succumb to it! Bathe it with love -- infuse it with the light of love. It's gonna be something you really don't like, probably related to some fear around a survival issue, losing someone or something you depend on, or some other deep-seated trauma from the past. Call on your higher self to come in and zap that bad boy with a love-fuel injection.

4. Finally -- get inspired again! Pull up some images or outlines that remind you of where you're headed -- your goals and dreams. I've found it really helps to have a goal in mind related to your sense of purpose in this life, to let your love for that vision really resonate.

5. If you're still cloudy and filled with doubt you may have deeper negative energies that need to be dealt with and cleared at this point. Read this post about healing -- you can also subscribe to my Elements of Flow email series, or buy the book.

Hello Love!

Cloudiness is a function of internal resistance -- it often manifests when you are attempting something you don't want to do, something that scares you, or as a symptom of some other disturbance in your energetic field. You may think it's because you're tired, you need more caffeine, or you're Attention Deficit, but usually these are just more distractions or mental excuses to confuse the real problem.

With a destination in mind, and a clear sense of purpose -- and dialing in the love to clear your energy when you lose course -- you can get the clarity you need to accomplish heaps of good stuff. Now go to it! (and don't forget this simple practice you can do any time!)

Dial In the Love,


p.s. this is the last week to get the flow book before I take it off the market to prepare for the revised version in 2013. You can still get the holiday flow-birthday package, though, and pay what you want!!

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