For the Change Makers: An Enlightened Guide to WordPress Websites

Enlightened WordPress GuideIn the life and world I'm designing there is no more need to separate who I am from the work I create. I can easily roam from esoteric Zen Buddhist allegories to diatribes on the emptiness of modern culture in North America, and not worry about how it might affect my business. The unifying thread through it all is self-realization, and the more I give of who I truly am, the greater my opportunities to make a difference and exchange this wonderful energy with the universe. 

This is what I live for....  

The Guidebook

Here it is -- available publicly for download for the first time:

WordPress Basics: An Enlightened Manual for Updating and Maintaining Your Website.

We created this short guide recently for clients and friends of our small web design and consulting agency, iEnvision Media, as a solution to the overwhelm of bloated and confusing information on how to use the wonderful WordPress platform.

The guide was created to support the good work of the world, and is available to anyone without limitations whatsoever -- it's a 'no walls' product. It's especially useful for people just starting out with WordPress, as well as those who are considering the leap to a self-hosted website platform, but also contains some very useful tips and refreshers for veterans of the platform.

Some notes... provides a popular web platform for independent content producers, thought leaders and other people and organizations doing world-changing work (the kind of people we support).

If you're just a little tech savvy, you can create your own self-hosted website with the WordPress Platform -- this guide shows you how to use it, and why you might want your own if you don't have one. If you want our recommendation for 'Green' web hosting and newsletters to build up your site see this page.

If you want a more professional high-end website for your business or organization, you can hire iEnvision and access our 4-5 years of experience creating high-end sites for our clients.

WordPress Basics Guide - Table of Contents:

Log In ... 4 Dashboard Introduction ... 5 Adding New Pages and Blog Posts ... 7 The WordPress Editor ... 8 WordPress Editing Tools ... 11 Intro to Working With Images ... 12 Editing Images with iPhoto ... 13 Inserting and Editing Your Images ... 14 More On Working With Images ... 16 Widgets ... 17 Widgets Continued... ... 18 Widgets On a Site: Example ... 19 Basic Site Maintenance ... 20

Note: One of the most valuable and essential tips I can offer you -- that is not in this guidebook -- is the best backup plugin I've found after years of trying dozen of options: BackUpWordPress (by Human Made).

Download the Guide Here...

In Love and Truth,


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