Portland Healing Group ~ Breath of Joy

Sunday, November 8th — Breathwork Healing Group @ Rainbow Arts Medicine Alliance (RAMA), Portland, OR. Focus: Energy Shielding and Walking In Beauty—through the matrix—into the manifestation of your highest self. Nourishing the Soul, illuminating the energy field, releasing the old and calling in the new!

When we're operating from our small self (aka shadow/pain body) life is a lot more challenging and we're bound to attract negative energy and drama. From the activated high-self embodiment our lives are free to unfold with joyful ease and magic. Tap into the Universal Energy Flow and ground yourself in a simple yet life-changingly magical Prana Yama breathing practice you can use any time for navigating the world from your highest power. The Light is always there for us! We just need to find those switches and turn it on.

Time/Date: 4-6pm Sunday, November 8th. (Please plan on arriving a few minutes early to get settled in).

Location: R.A.M.A. — Rainbow Medicine Arts Collective, 3701 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214 – Google Maps.

Private Sessions – Portland: Saturday, November 7th and Monday, November 9th.

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