Unexpectedly Delightful Wisdom From the Desert — on Being of Highest Service


It was a cold, quiet night in the desert and the stars shone bright in the sky — ten thousand glimmering sentries of the infinite mystery beyond. But for the occasional headlights of some traveler winding down the distant desert highway, all was still and quiet in the valley. And towering far above and beyond, that haunting majestic mountain guardian of the land, reaching at once to the sky, across the earth and deep down to its fiery core. Ever present yet seemingly shifting in her moods by the hour.

Dressed so gorgeously in a coat of snow that traced along her skin like the finest latticed lace gown of the gods, how could I not be captivated to spend every moment just staring in rapture at her glory...?

At this moment, though, I was tending gladly to the fire inside the little ranch house at the edge of infinity — the fire had something to share and I wondered curious at what that might be! Inside me the spirit of the sacred cacao from a little ceremony earlier had already spoken. Clearly, with a distinctive crackling wise old crone voice I'd heard four words and a silent whisper that felt like a laugh. And so it commenced, the magic and the mystery....

Somewhere along the many journeys I've learned that a fire is a living thing. Tamed seemingly for our use, though ever wild and true to itself, the fire enjoys serving and accompanying us human folk— even communicating with those who can receive. Speaking with the fire that evening, I asked it what it wanted...what piece of wood wants to be added in...where should it like to be placed?

Adding a fresh piece of noble fuel and gently stoking the flames with my breath, the fire crackled and popped, dancing with a sort of mysterious delight I could sense. As though a friend were laughing with me in a quiet moment of recognition, a sideways glance between sentences, and those flames licked up with their sweet magical warmth as I felt the spirit of the fire coming through to touch my own.

I thanked the wood and fire for the warmth and energy they provided, and I asked the fire to do its work on me as it wished. The fire spirit entered into me with its cleansing essence, burning off layers of mental and emotional junk — those oh so human bits tangled up with the deep-lying remnants of fear and survival instincts — and left me floating clean. As I felt that cleansing energy burn away layers of whatever was untrue I settled into my true Self and glowed with gratitude for this marvelous gift of life.

Sitting in reflection of the way of the fire and its marvelous ability to just come through and do its thing with such effortless grace, I thought about this little piece I'd started a few days before... I was writing about how easy it is to let the endless opportunities to spread love and joy pass us by every day when we’re so singularly focused on getting things done. This wonderful practice I’d really come to admire in recent months of putting love into any place you find those energies of insecurity, doubt, fear, anxiety, rushing, etc....in your life and relationships. To just put some love in there! And I thought about how the fire doesn’t have to try, it just does. It gives of itself because it has so much to give, and it does this so well by nature of its selfless and innate perfection.

Hand in hand with the fire, the cacao deva was doing her work. I'd heard her clear voice saying those four magic words earlier with that sweet quiet hint of a laugh, "open your heart, child!". And with the deep soul nourishment of that fire there came a profoundly beautiful realization, the strong and present understanding of how essential this opening of the heart really is.... How in that cracking open to receive the nourishment, my own deepest wish to be of service and make a difference is both strengthened and activated.

For how can we give of the full richness of our spirit if our own well is dry?

From a heart overflowing with love and well-being, the offering of this essence becomes almost effortless. Like the fire which gives of itself so freely and fully, a well-nourished spirit can do the same. (So whad'ya know it comes back to the self-love piece again, as ever.)

As a man on a mission, a human who wants to make a positive impact and be of real service, I sometimes need a little extra push to follow through on these self-care indulgences. But perhaps this opening of the heart to receive the nourishment it desires is not so much an indulgence as an essential necessity! Heart warmed and filled, soul nourished and full, spirit alive with grace and inspiration, there is so much to give...so naturally and with such minimal effort.

So stoke the fires of your spirit I say, take those moments and hours and indulge in your Self because it feels good. And know that in doing so you're giving yourself the best possible fuel to be of real service to others in your life and work. 

Can you sense the vastness of what was shared with me that quiet night by the desert fire? What a gem of fierce soul wisdom. What will you do to nourish your soul and fill your well today, tomorrow, the next day...? What might this truth reveal for you in your own life? Perhaps next time you'll listen more closely to what the fire whispers too....

Take those opportunities to spread love and joy, to put some Love into it whenever you can. But put your own heart and soul first and you’ll be secretly lifting us up even higher along the way.

Truly yours, Satya