It's my Birthday...freedom, toy trucks and pay what you can day

satya truck In the late morning of November 15th 1976, in Miami, Fla., I was born into this world.... By some miraculous conspiracy (and despite the fact that time does not exist) 34 years later I'm still here.

To celebrate this small miracle, and in gratitude for the amazing gift of life I've been granted (it's really the greatest gift of all), I've decided to do something special today.

For the rest of today -- Monday, November 15th -- it's...

Pay What You Can Day for Freedom Business Summit!

Quick back story: About six months ago, Danielle let me and a bunch of other people have a copy of her life-changing Fire Starter Sessions on her birthday for a lot less than what she normally charges, which was a big blessing since I just couldn't justify the usual $150 price tag to change my life at the time (silly how we put those restrictions on ourselves, huh...?). So, I'm not Danielle (or Naomi), and I definitely have no delusions of grandeur on how this is going to work out, but I figured, what the heck....

I want nothing more than to help the most people as possible obtain true freedom in this life, and that's why I put my heart and soul and every free minute of the last 1,440+ hours of my life into creating this program...

So, here's what I decided: You could send me a nice bottle of scotch, or you can have a drink on me while carousing "backstage" of the summit member's site with your own all-access pass, with Danielle, Leo, Johnny, Everett, Tammy, Charlie, Mary, Karol, Mark, Corbett, Chris, and Gwen, as we conspire to bring your mission and your dream to the next level... Here's how it works: You let me know what you can afford, you get the special link, you get in. Happy birthday's all 'round. :)

1) Write in the comments below what you'd like to pay, and which package you want (all-access pass, or all-access + videos -- and be sure to include your email when filling out the form). If that makes you feel awkward, you need to protect your image, or your paypal account is totally maxed out and you want to send me, say, three post-dated checks for $25 - send an email to -- and we'll make it happen.

2) You get your special payment link. Once you pay, you get whisked straight to the members registration and login...

3) You join the party, and kick your mission in the freedom pants.

Some disclaimers and other stuff...

  • The summit is currently priced at $297 all-access / $349 all-access + library. The majority of members got in at the $176 price on the big package for launch week, which is really a deal for what it is. In order to respect those who've already paid to get in, and my own work in putting this together, I reserve the right to pass on any really ridiculous offers... (it's called 'pay what you can day', not pay whatever-you-damn-well-please day, for a reason ;))
  • If you want to set up a monthly payment plan for, say, $18 a month for the next 5 months for the full program + library just let me know, and we'll set you up with a special custom invoice link.
  • You'll have to make your first payment, or full payment, and register within 24 hours of receiving your link.
  • I'll be in and out today, and I've decided to handle this one mostly myself so you may have to be a little patient to receive your link, but you WILL get it.
  • I'm not offering one-one-one consulting with this offer, but I WILL BE offering a big discount off consulting and priority status on the wait-list for all Freedom Summit members, so this is a great way to get in for that.
  • One thing I really learned in doing this project? Sometimes you just gotta have the guts to ask for what what you want, and then put it out there. So just let me know what you have in mind - amazing stuff happens when you open yourself up to the possibilities...
  • (Toy trucks optional, you supply your own)

This offer expires at 12 midnight PST November 15th, along with my birthday... If you were taking a digital sabbatical when the memo came in, you decided not to open that email, or you decide you really want to do this tomorrow, you miss the boat.

I'm offering this as a gift from my heart, because I know that in the past I've been so grateful for the little gifts that have appeared from nowhere, and I would love to make a real contribution to your life.

Really wishing you all your dreams come true -- today, and for the rest of your life!

All my love,