How one small idea can and does change the world: The Girl Effect

A short intro: Tara Sophia tweets about her project to get 100 bloggers involved in writing about The Girl Effect -- a new initiative to help fund education and entrepreneurial efforts by girls in developing countries. If you watch this video, you'll get it. A brilliant idea, and a growing movement:

The premise is simple and brilliant. The movement is powerful. The problem is epic, as Sunitha Krishnan explains in this engaging and important video on child sex slavery:

What I love about this, is it just demonstrates the power of a single idea, coupled with the initiative to take action around it. (A lot like what Tammy Strobel talks about in our interview for the Freedom Business Summit Small Steps to Making a Big Impact and Changing the World.)

I re-tweeted Tara's post, and then she took the step to say -- "hey, we're waiting for your post too" -- so I did. That was the little extra step it took for me to jump in, and Tara was willing to take the initiative to make that. There can not be enough support given to the children in developing countries, who die at the rate of 30,000 a day, mostly from starvation-related disease. Especially the girls, who suffer the most.

When you get to that point where you're really at the brink, don't back down - that's the tipping point. If you really want to make a difference it takes extraordinary persistence, and the willingness to push past the final inertia to make it happen. That's the hardest bit.

Are you willing to take that one extra ounce of effort when you've gone past your limits, and you don't think you can handle any more? Make sure what your spending the majority of your time and effort on is really worth fighting for. Then you can't fail. No matter what.

Click here to get involved. Add your own contribution to Tara's girl effect blogging campaign here.

Love, Satya