What's your message to the world? 10 Amazing leaders on building a life of freedom...

In this video, I ask ten out of the twelve amazing people in the Freedom Business Summit to share their message to the world, and specifically to people who are ready to go big with their passion. Here's what happened... (I've been really so moved by these interviews and interactions. I hope you enjoy this...!)

You may have read my top 10 online leaders changing the world with heart post -- just realized as I was writing this that six out of ten of them are actually in the summit... (not a coincidence, but I feel REALLY blessed -- never imagined this when I was writing that post...)

Of course, it's one thing to have a message to the world, and another thing to get it out there...

I'd say my message right now, is: You don't have to believe what you see and think to be true. You can choose your reality, every day, and every moment; the great thing is when you catch that screaming banshee and let it take you, you never know where in heaven you'll end up...!

What have you found in your life that really works when it comes to having more of those moments of feeling really good, and lining up with having what you really want, at any given moment...?

Please share it in the comments, and let me know, I'd really love to hear it. Thanks and love! :)

Video featuring Danielle LaPorte, Charlie Gilkey, Johnny B. Truant, Gwen Bell, Everett Bogue, Tammy Strobel, Karol Gajda, Mark Silver, Leo Babauta, Corbett Barr (in order of appearance). Summit also features Chris Guillebeau and Mary Jaksch.

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