SANGHA: The Gathering

SANGHA On Saturday, May 27th at 1PM Pacific I'm hosting the first global gathering of SANGHA — an experiment to explore the possibilities of sacred community online for the healing and transformation of self and society. This is a vision long-time coming and I hope to build stronger community among my fellow empaths, healers, creators, visionaries and heart-based entrepreneurs. I don't know how it will unfold, but I am open to both offer and receive full support now as it is what is needed!

Sangha (Noun: /säNG(g)uh/) is a Sanskrit word denoting a spiritual community devoted to awakening the self. As my teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has said:

“The sangha is a place to practice for the transformation and the healing of self and society. When you are strong, you can be there in order to help society. If your society is in trouble, if your family is broken, if your church is no longer capable of providing you with spiritual life, then you work to take refuge in the sangha so that you can restore your strength, your understanding, your compassion, your confidence. And then in turn you can use that strength, understanding and compassion to rebuild your family and society, to renew your church, to restore communication and harmony.”

This SANGHA is a space in which we can gather to practice and embody the Fire of Love in a way that's grounded, peaceful, practical, supportive, and ease-filled. It is not enough to just learn and feed the mind, we must anchor into Living The Practice and Doing The Work.

The topic for our first gathering is Soul Work, as in “Doing the Work of Your Soul” and working WITH your Soul through healing, energy work and spiritual practice. This is the key area I have been exploring, teaching and consulting around for many years. Healing is just one aspect—albeit a HUGE one—in opening us up to have clarity of mind and an open heart. But then we also need to fill up our cups!

There is limited seating available and no charge for attendance on the first gathering. In exchange I would ask for your full participation and honest feedback on the experience...

AND if you experience any big heart-opening, professional opportunities and financial openings, or surges in your creative expression/love life (as many of my hundreds of past clients and workshop participants have reported), I hope that you will let me know and share the love with your friends too! :)

Two years ago I closed the thriving Fire of Love community I worked so hard to build with mixed feelings, because as much as I loved what we'd created together it was time to re-envision and distill my essence into something that truly reflected my highest potential. I have grown and transformed so much since then I hardly recognize myself! Over the next months I will reveal more of these changes, but the best way to experience this is directly with me in group or in person. It is time...

I want to see your eyes shining back at me with "the glow" and feel your presence in circle, so we can bridge some of those gaps. So you can have that rare sense of being seen and held and received in the moment, just as you are. So you can experience receiving a direct transmission of energy healing and Universal Life Force.

SANGHA: The First Gathering When: Saturday May 27th, 1pm Pacific Time (1-2PM Los Angeles time / 4-5PM New York / 9-10PM London) Where: Private Zoom meeting space online - from the comfort of your home. What: Soul Work — Energy healing, life-force activation and mindful practice circle. Why: For the healing and transformation of self and society. Exchange: I will ask for your full participation, and a brief report-back on your experience within a week after.

Limited space available - sign up here and let's find out how much we can fill our hearts overflowing! See you in SANGHA. :) <3

Love, Satya