The Love Place Podcast: Pills vs Healing, Soul Awakening and The Disconnect

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I was interviewed by Lucy at the Love Place, a website based in the UK with some wonderful content and lovely vibes. I really enjoyed doing this interview, she asks wonderfully personal and deep questions about my past and the stuff of life that really matters. We even do a little guided meditation near the end to come into the moment and heal/release whatever is needed. Take a listen for something different and enjoy:

Podcast: Awakening the True Self with Satya Colombo

When she asked what made me decide to be a healer, I told her that even though I have known for many years I was a healer I never wanted to be one!! It took more than five years of deliberate healer training and practice until I finally got over myself enough to push through the resistance and start doing this work for real. It’s a good feeling to be of service and change peoples’ lives but I don’t do it for the joy, I do it because it’s the most direct path I have found to really help people connect with the truth of who they are and be of service in this life. I do it for the calling.

Near the end of our interview Lucy asked a question about healing through trauma that struck me. I wrote some more notes outside of the interview and thought I'd share those here too...

Lucy: What words of wisdom can you share with anyone listening who has a desire to live well, but feels scarred by the events of their past or present?

S: I mean that definitely describes me, I think it describes most of us! We all desire to live well and we have scars and trauma from the past and even the present reality — the way we live, the suffering all around us in the world, in the workplace, and it all comes back to the home. What's happening more and more now is that people are popping pills to deal with the overwhelm, which is a symptom of the way we live and the disconnect from our true selves and the call of the Soul. It’s not to say that benzos and anti-depressants don’t have a place, because for some people they are at a place in which they are barely functional without them and a lot of it is just their brain chemistry and how that has evolved through a lifetime of stress, but for so many of us it’s just a mask. It does not solve the root cause, which is a separation from the self due to trauma and programming, and the physiological, biological and energetic consequences of that. This disconnect is absolutely inseparable from the isolation of modern society. And the real issue with these drugs is they can cause such serious side effects with addiction and mental instability and disassociation as we’re seeing more and more now — they can cause people to do crazy things they would never do in their right mind.

One of the beauties of the Breathwork practice I teach is it’s a natural high — it triggers your body to produce many of the same feel-good hormones in your body as these drugs produce, and even helps the receptors in your brain and body open to receive more. That’s one reason why it’s popular in the recovery community, because many of us are just wired to need the lift — that little extra something to help us rise above and manage the pain. Because the pain is real, the suffering is real, and sometimes it’s just hard to be a human in this crazy world!

We all have our own inner struggle, and even more so for artists and empaths, because we are made to feel more — it’s in our human design to feel more so that we can express it and create around that and help others make some sense of their own experience, of what they are unable to touch. And that's a superpower! So if anything I would say embrace it — embrace all of what you feel and commit. Commit to something. If you feel you don't have an inspiration to move forward right now or you feel stuck, you have to get out of your head and into action, and then gradually start to create this feedback loop between what you create and what you receive through that, which runs right through all of your spiritual and healing practice and is not separate!

Numbing out the feelings is sometimes the only way to move forward, but it’s not a long-term fix. We need to let ourselves feel more. To really feel alive! Isn’t that what you really want? That sense of being really here and feeling good? When you take the jump and plunge into the fire of the Soul, then you will see — so much more goodness comes to meet you and soften the edge. When you surrender into this wild love for life and for yourself and for all of it — just be willing to take risks and explore and push your own edges and you will be rewarded. That is the start.

The most beautiful reward is when you really start to respect yourself, and that's something you need to earn. For yourself! Just look at what you love and look up to in others — these are the same things that you grow to love about yourself when you really go for it and stand for what really matters. Think you can’t do that? I don’t think so, you can find your own way. You can keep making those baby steps, hearing those little calls of the soul and following them. Learning to trust them. Seeing what magic is created when you just let go and let it flow. Don’t keep sitting on your butt and reading articles and status updates, waiting for your time — this is it!

Go and do the work of your Soul, do something that matters to you with this beautiful life and divine human form that you have been gifted! Stop numbing and dumbing yourself down. Give more of you. Jump all the way into the Fire. That is what it means to live well…. Put more love in the world. There is never too much love! Let go of your small-minded insecure thinking, this hold of your ego that wants to keep you safe and playing small. Then you will feel that sense of being alive. You will be high on life, high on your contribution, blazing in the beauty you see in others reflected back to you. Then you can rest and maybe even die happy and healthy and knowing that you did your very best, you helped some people, you made something of this…and yeah you lived well — you lived a pretty damn good life!


Listen to the full podcast here - lot's of juicy stuff and a simple guided practice at the end that might just be a little life-changing for you!

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