Fire of Love Launch Event! Soul Power, Creative Magic & Stepping Into Your Highest Calling

This event has passed, but you can sign up to receive some Very Special Goodies and Launch Celebration Replay here! To celebrate the launch of the new Fire of Love Experience & Community, I'm hosting a free Soul-Fire Masterclass this Sunday!

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SOUL Power, Creative Magic and Stepping Into Your Highest Calling: A Soul-Fire Masterclass with Satya Colombo and Special Guests TBA

This special one-time only event is free to the public, but you MUST register to attend and receive the login details.

When: Sunday, July 27th

Time: 12:30-2PM Pacific Time (Daylight - Los Angeles). 8:30-10PM British Summer Time.

Where: Online or by phone.

Cost: No charge for this special launch celebration!

Registration: (Limited to 1,000 participants) Register here...


Behind the Scenes:

This is the first time I've ever taught ANY of this material live without an entrance fee, and I'm excited to see what happens! I've been wanting to share this work with a larger group of people for a long time, and now that I've launched the new Fire of Love Experience the timing feels just right.

We'll explore some of the magical practices I've been testing and refining with the Fire of Love Community over the last couple years, including:

  • Settling into your Core Strength
  • Cultivating your Soul Power.
  • Overcoming deep-seated resistance to sharing and expressing your Soul Calling.
  • Energy healing and setting energetic boundaries.
  • Developing a sustainable Sacred Practice to help you stay on track with high energy every day.

It's also the first time I will be publicly teaching the Fierce Presence daily sacred practice!

I've been working with this writing and energy practice of daily and weekly Invocations since early 2014, and refining it continually. It's been a life changer for me and many members of my first test-pilot Fierce Presence Circle this past Spring!

Participants reported strongly increased emotional and mental clarity, heightened awareness and increased personal power, life energy and joy. In their own words:

“I have had more better days strung together than in the past 4 years since starting the daily practice. I think I am really affecting my programming and making a bend in the auto-response mechanism of my neurologic system. Basically I feel and think Good!” – Janna Montgomery, Florida

"I love this practice and how it sets me up for the day in the morning. My daily state of being has been heightened! I feel increased joy, power, presence, love. I feel more flow with my life energy." – JB, Wisconsin

And I loved receiving this message sent to me recently from a Fire of Love Alum...

"Satya, you are truly on to something phenomenal here. There are millions of creative people living in locales with little to no access to transformative self work and play. To those who are starved to be really seen and heard, and anyone needing a magical guide through the wildness to the clear open sky, you are the man!" – Abby Wills,

Questions and Answers:

Why are you offering this for free -- is it worth my time?

I've been wanting to open this work up to more people for a long time. (The only thing stopping me was my own resistance.) But something clicked this week, and I was ready to run with it! Don't be deceived by the cost -- assuming you put your full energy and attention into this masterclass, you will have an unforgettable experience through a mix of practical magic guidance and Soul inspiration.

What is your motivation for doing this?

I want to share this work in a more expansive and inclusive way -- it's my life! I also want to spread awareness around the work we're doing in the new Fire of Love Experience and Community! This is not a sales pitch at all -- it's a celebration. At the same time, my hope is that you will be inspired and illuminated by the event, and perhaps even moved to apply and join us!

Who are your Special Guests?

I'm just starting to invite some of our past and present Fire of Love Special Guests now, so I don't have any confirmations yet, but I'm hoping at least a few of these amazing and magical rebel souls are able to join us! Our past Special Guests: (This year we also have Sarah K. Peck and Dr. Amy Palko joining us for the new Fire of Love Experience!)

Special Guests

Will I be able to ask any questions?

As long as you access the masterclass via the web interface you will be able to ask questions using the chat function, and I will answer as many questions as time and space permits!

Are you planning to give away any special launch goodies?

Why yes, I do believe so! I plan to share my Fierce Presence Daily and Weekly Invocation guidelines and special worksheets. These are in PDF, Word and EPUB format for iPhone/iPad. They are the foundations of my work, and have been the single biggest boost to my productivity and sustained energy this past year. I want to share this with the world now, and see what happens. :)

Where can I register again?

Register here: Fire of Love Launch Event: Creative SOUL Power and Stepping Into Your Highest Calling – A Free Online Masterclass

Satya's Bio:

Satya-Gothenburg-City_286-sqSatya Colombo is a writer, artist, healer and consultant for creative rebels and inspired entrepreneurs. Sought after for his unconventional Fierce Wisdom approach, he works with leading visionaries and conscious companies to help awaken their brands and develop life-changing online ventures. Author of the book FLOW, the Soul-Fire Code *un-course* for Rainmakers and Magic Misfits, and the Fire of Love Experience: A Journey of Spirit, Flow & Practical Magic. Loves playing his ukulele, meditating, diving in the ocean, exploring new worlds and bringing magic to life. Since 2012 he’s been traveling the world, working from abroad and searching for his own paradise.


The Fire of Love Experience:

Fire of Love circleA Journey of Spirit, Flow & Practical Magic (For Rebel Souls) 

One of the big challenges of being a mindful, creative and caring human with a Rebel Soul, is that your heart is so big — and your vision so vast — you can easily be thrown off course at any given time. You may find yourself pulled in many directions at one time by conflicting energies, not to mention the various demands of your life and work!

It takes a lot of inner strength to keep showing up in your highest power. And it takes an even firmer commitment to keep moving in the direction of your Soul Calling every day.

That’s where the Fire of Love Community comes in: A sacred online site built around three core pillars of Soul Flow, Creative Fire and Practical Magic to help you step into your highest vision. It's unlike any other program in the world... learn more and apply to join us here

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