Lost and Found :: In the Moment

Just a little slice of heaven from the ferry -- Split to Hvar Island, Croatia -- cut on my portable looking glass, in the center of this ancient city by the sea.

August 12th, Old City, Dubrovnik—

Sitting at the terrace of a cafe near the old church of St. Blaise, I recall the moment two days back on the bus ride from Split...lost in the looking glass of my phone camera roll. Lost in the ineffable spaciousness of Ocean Soul Flow, words drifting up from somewhere beyond the waves. I immerse into the sea. Tapping on my phone soon after, I watch with a smile as words spring to life, bringing clarity and meaning into the moment.

Now as I lift them up to the light, to where they belong here on the page, they fuse together with a montage of moments lost and found. Here then to accompany the little video above I cut together this afternoon... 

Heart and Soul expanding through the Infinite. Sliding gently towards some great unknown... Euphoric nostalgia brushes against my neck.

You ask what I'm seeking, what I live for, what I wish to convey in this life...?

This is it.

90 seconds of bliss. Laughing at the wind. Lost in a moment. Found in the universe...

Let's do it again. ;)

Satya Colombo

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