How to Get Unstuck in Your Life's Great Work: A Fire of Love Mini-Explosion

In this short piece I talk about the main cause of getting stuck or blocked in producing your great work, and how to overcome it. I will also tell you how to join me on an exciting new group experience if you still want some help and inspiration in getting unstuck -- a Fire of Love Mini-Council! Now: The Fire of Love Experience Soul Fire Workspace: Birthplace of the Fire of Love Experience

When you're doing your (really) great work, the universe is working through you. Your job then is to get out of your own way, ignore all the doubts and negative voices, and forge on ahead. Your commitment to living your truth is what makes that possible.

So, let's just get straight to the point: Fear is what's making that job extra hard for you...

Fear makes us stop dead in our tracks, and abandon really great projects just at the brink of launching them.

Fear tells us we have to 'get serious', and not pursue hobbies and other things that make us happy.

Fear keeps us from really stepping into our personal power, and producing our amazing work.

Fear comes in a lot of forms -- some obvious, some more hidden:

Fear of failure, Fear of success, Fear of looking like a jackass, Fear of not being able to survive, Fear of falling on your face, Fear of being criticized, Fear of being hurt, Fear of hurting others, Fear of being exposed, Fear of being afraid, and on and on...

The crazy thing about all these forms of fear, is we're often not aware of them! The ego finds a way to disguise them through excuses. A common one you may be familiar with: "This isn't going to work, because...." (fill in the blank). Then we get in this perennial loop of needing to improve our most important projects to the point that we never actually have to release them to the world!

99% of this crap is just fear. Eventually the fears manifest into different types of blockages in our lives and we can start to feel stuck or trapped. But, you're not alone...

In the not-too-distant past I was in a fire ceremony in which everyone had to write down what they wanted to get rid of, and throw it in the fire. The beauty of it was, as we threw our papers in the fire we also spoke the words out loud. You know what shocked me most about this experience? Out of maybe 30 people there, about 27 of them had one thing in common they wanted to get rid of: FEAR.

And can you blame them...? Hello, life is frick'n scary sometimes!

Here's what I've used recently to overcome the fear and get unstuck in producing my own life's great work: (aka what the universe wants to channel through me, and what I was resisting through lame excuses)

1. Face the fear -- acknowledge it's there, and face the fact that you probably need some help to get through it. 2. Get the help you need -- you can't go it alone! You need to speak to some friends, a mentor, or someone you can trust about the fear and what you're going through. If they're wise enough and/or they know you well enough, they will help!! 3. Remember what makes you great -- what's unique about you, your particular experience, and your commitment to your life? Ask yourself. Breathe it in. Let it fill you up. Remember! 4. Re-commit to living your truth, and letting the universe flow through you. Remember that fire inside there? Find it again, and let it consume you! 5. Get out there, run around and let off some steam. Move some energy and get back in your body. Do some physical activity that just feels good. Then, go and make some good stuff!

BOOM! -- there's five easy steps to interpret and make your own. Can you handle it? If you're at all like me you dread asking for help (I can go for weeks and suffer through it on my own rather than reach out for help). But, hey, if there's one thing I know for sure that's true -- you really can't go it alone. As a very dear old friend shared with me in a recent momentary time of crisis:

"Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it. But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people." —Albert Einstein

How to get the help you need in getting unblocked and doing your amazing work:

A Fire of Love Mini-Council Explosion: Getting Unstuck and Doing Your Life's Great Work!

We're going to meet online in a small group council, do some powerful energy healing and clearing work to get unstuck, and get that fire started again so we can get out there and do our awesome work.

Here's how to get in on this council:

  • Click here to answer a few simple questions on why you want to join. The first ever mini-council was held on Saturday, September 1st, 2012 and it was brilliant. Click here to learn more and apply to join: THE FIRE OF LOVE EXPERIENCE
  • As long as I feel it's a good match I will send you the link to join. This is a 'pay-what-you-can-and-feel' event, but I'm asking for a sliding scale of $25-60 donation to respect and honor the work.
  • All council participants will be automatically accepted into the private Fire of Love Experience community project that's launching very soon, and I will personally refund your payment for this huddle -- whatever you pay -- if you decide to sign up for the full Fire of Love Experience when it launches.
  • We're planning to meet in a video chat, so it's a good thing if you have a working video camera and decent internet connection. (Seeing as how I'm in Costa Rica, we'll also have a backup phone conference contingency plan.)
  • The council is limited to 10 people.

PLEASE: Don't wait any longer to get the help you need. If not from this group, it's time to reach out to some good and wise friends and make it happen -- you don't need to be an Einstein to know we're here on earth for each other!

Click here to get in on the Fire of Love Mini-Council...

Love and Truth, Satya


The Fire of Love Experience is a private community-based program dedicated to helping our members live amazing lives and produce their greatest work.  Click here to learn more...