This Week: Give Yourself a Real Damn Good Present

"Harry, I'm going to let you in on a little secret...Every day -- once a day -- give yourself a present. Don't plan it, don't wait for it, just... let it happen. Could be a new shirt at the mens store, a catnap in your office chair, or... two cups of good, hot, black coffee, like this." - Agent Dale Cooper, "Twin Peaks"

There's something magical about sitting on a big open balcony overlooking the sea, and doing work like this writing now. Being high up as I am creates a view of the sea with a tall horizon line at eye-level, and a whole lot of shimmery ocean. So much ocean!

This balcony has been my work space for the past couple weeks. Flled with quiet inspiration and a sense of awe most every time I look up from the screen, I'm a lot more likely to produce work infused with the same energy.

Quiet inspiration and a sense of awe.

The point is, every thing you create is infused not only with the energy and intent you put in it, but with the experience you're having when you create it. This comes through in the work.

When you're engaging with other people's work and what they share online, you're also resonating with the energy of what they put into it, and what they were experiencing when they created it. It's not just the content itself that affects you, but the essence itself.

Listen to this essence!

This week, if you're game, try just watching how your energy shifts according to whose work you're engaging with online and in real life.

See what's going on inside you. Are you feeling uncomfortable? Are you feeling peaceful? Can you find the fine line between who's creating the content vs. what the content is?

The best barometer of any decision you need to make is always how you feel. Same goes with people you're meeting and working with, and people you interact with online.

If you watch closely, you'll find some people are doing work at a certain energetic level, and maybe the content is great, but you just don't like it. Other people create the simplest work, and it just clicks -- it feels good. Those are the people you should be letting into your field.

When you engage with people who are vibrating at a certain place that doesn't resonate, and you allow their thoughts and beliefs to influence your life, you're also compromising your own integrity and well-being. As humans there's the one constant we all experience, that is change. Sometimes people shift, and sometimes we outgrow them too. That's why it's useful to periodically review all your relationships, and double check where you're getting your information and inspiration from.

Allow yourself the space for a change of heart. Just because someone was your friend or mentor six months ago, doesn't mean they still are now. Which is fine, 'cause the right people show up for you when it's time.

One more thing for this week -- give yourself a really great present: As much as you can, eliminate the people and situations from your life that aren't strengthening, and don't make you feel good. You may not be able to eliminate them all right away, but you can certainly get started.

This is a big part of using Fierce Wisdom. Be fierce with who you let in.

It's true that sometimes we have to deal with ongoing circumstances that just don't feel good. In those rare cases, make the decision to create an exit strategy, and get yourself out of the situation. Sometimes just working on an ongoing plan to remove yourself is enough to give you the strength to continue joyfully. Employing filters and light shields to strengthen yourself can also help.

Make this commitment, and give this gift to yourself -- it's going to make a really big difference in your life.

I'm filled with quiet inspiration and a sense of awe, but I'm also driven by a sense of commitment to my work in the world, and to following my truth with integrity. I wonder if you can feel that?

I hope so.

With love, Satya

.. p.s. this is a warm up to the kind of work we'll be doing as a small, exclusive group in this project, pre-launching soon to email readers only.

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