The Endless Wisdom of the Emerald Heart (For Life's Big Questions)

emerald-heart-treasure_satya-colombo There's a tendency to look outside ourselves for guidance on the biggest questions of our lives. The absolute “fierce wisdom” truth, of course, is whatever you’re looking for can be drawn from the vast well of your own Self. Since the entire universe is inside you already, why not just stretch into that infinite expanse and call forth the love and guidance you seek? What will you find in that limitless expanse?

Perhaps this question is what keeps us from diving deeper to access this infinite power within us. The fear of unleashing our true power. What might happen then...??

If your intentions are pure and clear and true, only good will come of it. Only good, and love and light. As long as you are committed to being a force of love and goodness in the world! No problem.

If you could just open your heart enough for this innate wisdom of who and what you really are to emerge, it could be like unlocking a magical treasure chest. The great treasure of the Emerald Heart. And, of course, you can. Absolutely. No question. Whenever you're ready.

Unlocking the Emerald Heart Treasure can bring forth so much magic and love and true wisdom in your life. You may find the clear guidance and blessings pouring over in any number of different forms — in your dreams, your visions, or through "the voice”. They may enter your life by way of a friendly stranger's smile, a comment shared by a friend, or an animal crossing your path. You may find yourself in the midst of a stream of serendipitous gifts and surprises. Or you might find that challenges you used to struggle with now seem almost effortless to handle.

How do you know when you've unlocked the Emerald Heart Treasure?

You may find that everyday events that once seemed mundane and ordinary become extraordinary. You will feel the sheen of limitless expansion and possibility on the world around you. You will know somehow that everything unfolding is exactly perfect, exactly as it is.

One of my favorite ways of connecting with the infinite wisdom of the Emerald Heart is through the animals and the natural world. Trees, forests, oceans, sky, earth, moon and stars, and especially the wild animals who inhabit these. The natural world always responds when you reach into the richness and savor it. When you open your heart and let your spirit rise to meet the essence of this world, which is pure love. Always through the heart, with the intention to connect deeper, softening your efforting and releasing the struggle to make space for Spirit to emerge. Let that richness overtake you and the flow of your Soul can be so beautiful and full, so magically delicious.

Another truth that can be helpful to remember is that we all have High Self guides available to us. They are ready and waiting to help assist us and shine light on our path at any time. Because of the principle of Free Will, however, in most cases we have to make the conscious choice to reach a little deeper and call them forth. You will know they are around because you can feel it. Warm and precious and filled with richness. A little humility and open-heartedness can go a long way here...

Next time you have a question, or a feeling of lack, or a frustration you’re dealing with, try connecting into that infinite well of love and wisdom inside you. The truth of who you are. Allow yourself to feel everything that's emerging in any moment, and reach into the everything that you are. The whole universe is right there inside you, ready and waiting to pour right in and love you all up! The Emerald Heart Treasure. Here. For you. Whenever you are ready.

Love and light, ~S.

For a little extra help and inspiration in unlocking the Emerald Heart Treasure, connecting with your guides, and getting to the heart of a big question, I now offer Spirit Animal Readings and Soul Whispers — guidance and blessings to help clarify your path, awaken your heart, and renew your Soul. And please remember, you really are perfect as you are.