Taking It On the Road: Pacific Northwest

Satya at Mt Tabor I learned something interesting about myself in the past weeks since I started on this last journey north from the land of angels lost and found... I actually LOVE being around people. It's the quality of people that makes all the difference. Hanging, sharing, co-creating with incredible, bright stars doing amazing work. It's a rush! I actually found myself a little addicted to it.

Since 2010 I've done 99% of my work online and through the internets. That's all changing now, gradually, as I step into a new chapter of engaging with my life and work from a different space. Expanded ease and joy—joyful presence—no matter what I happen to be doing. Sure, there will always be those moments when "the stuff" hits the fan, or the darkness throws its long shadow over the light. But as I embrace this sweet as love approach, I find that those moments don't seem to hit me as hard or long. (Also: Hitting my sweet spot with travel/adventure/life-mission rolled into one — always when I thrive!) 

So, I'm taking this show on the road with small breathwork healing groups and private sessions wherever I land. Currently: Pacific Northwest. I'm calling it BREATH of JOY because that's what it's all about, and it's where I see my work evolving into now.

I've been working up to this for the last year -- actually for more than five years since I began Healer Training with my teacher/mentor David Elliott. Grateful and looking forward to see what happens. I have no expectations. I will be happy to work with just a handful of people and keep the work small, or go bigger with it as needed. I'm really feeling the "turtle power" lately — meaning, keeping things close to the sleeve, cozy and sacred — earth medicine.  I'm happy to take on whatever is in store for me, I have total 100% trust in the awesomeness of this new chapter and the support of all the people and the universe that I love.

I'm so done with having my life be compartmentalized into silos of awesome, with muddy waters in-between. Here's to the new paradigm of Embodied JOY. Portland, OR — Seattle, WA — Vancouver, BC — Portland, OR — Ashland, OR — Bay Area, CA  — (...?). Let me know if you feel called to host a group in your home, or come and join me in sharing some sweet energy healing and happy flow wherever I land.

What brings you the most joy? What can you do every day to really enjoy your life more of the time? The little things, the big ones, the spaces in between... Isn't that what really matters?

Hope to see you on the road! More info and registration here

Love, Satya