True Healing is Deep Work: There is No Magic Pill

Satya Pan  

Healing — it's the du jour thing. Feeling frustrated and annoyed with the state of affairs? Go to a sound bath to have your chakras cleared and everything will be OK! Is your auric field damaged and torn with big ol' holes like most of us? Just learn how to meditate and work with your angels to get you back on track in no time! All the young and beautiful Insta wellness babes know how to cure your ails...just try the latest products they're paid to endorse and your pain and sadness will be whisked away.

Don't get me wrong, as a healer and breathwork teacher myself I get the value of this work. A good sound bath is a marvel, and energy healing sessions from a trained healer can be truly life changing. The trouble comes when people look at this stuff as just another thing to consume or experience to add to their list. True healing is very deep work, and you need a skilled professional to guide you through the darkest tunnels.

There's a lyric I love from a song by Pink -- if you've listened to the radio at all in the last few years you've probably know it:

It's in the stars It's been written in the scars on our hearts We're not broken just bent And we can learn to love again

Who came up with that?? Oh this gang. Genius, yes. We CAN learn to love again through the pain.

How? It takes so much courage! True healing is real work, and it also takes time. Dealing with the source of the suffering and anxiety instead of just numbing out with drugs and alcohol. Being willing to face your own pain and trauma, and integrate it with love and acceptance so it can eventually be transmuted back to light. Taking responsibility for your stuff and unravelling the stories you've woven around all of it. Sitting with a group of strangers who have real world problems like your own, and opening your heart enough to actually give a sh*t about anyone other then yourself. And maybe even receive some love from them too...!

And maybe like me, you're tired of lightworkers light-washing everything with cheerful Law of Attraction-style advice. Teaching you how you can have a life just like theirs with 7 easy steps to the right attitude and just $19.95!

Beware the false prophets of hope and healing. Underneath that shiny, happy, beautifully done up facade is likely a whole mess of unhealed darkness just waiting to turn it's ugly face on you. Or lead you down the wrong path.

I'm no doctor, I don't know your circumstances, and I'm not going to tell you what you need or not. Pills are just a temporary solution, though—they can do a lot of damage in the long term. Incense and candles are great, and I'm a HUGE crystal lover, but you probably don't need more of those either! What you need is some guts to face the pain and let yourself feel it. As you're ready, with the right kind of guidance and support, from someone who truly cares about you as a human. Someone who has the experience of going through it and making it to the other side themselves — and enough training to skillfully guide you there too.

By your own will and intention, with some help from just a few good people in your life—and your High Self team—you can learn to cope and thrive. Just a little real love and skilled support is all you really need. Some light shining on that darkness to show you the way and transmute it to love.

You can do this. I've seen so many people who have been through the ugliest, most horrible darkness turn it around and make magic of their lives. Including many of my own clients. The key thing is I have been through it myself, and I have trained for years with the best. I have paid my dues, and I have a strong code of morals and integrity.

Check their references, but most important — feel into it with your heart. If something feels off to you, it probably is. If you're feeling commodified it's likely you are, and that's never a good thing. There is a strong difference between true intuition and fear/resistance, but if you're unclear which it is at any given time you can always wait, and you can leave because it may just not be the right time. No need to force anything.

Remember: It's all happened for a reason....

All the dark shadow stuff...all the sh*t you've been through. It's all exactly what you have needed to get you to this point in your life. No matter how horrible it may have been, how much you suffered—how much agony you may STILL be in—everything has led you to this moment now. To make you exactly who you are today, and give you the tools to be an amazing human. A powerful, compassionate, dare I say it kick-ass manifestation of you!

Of course you are not broken. You are perfect, you are messy, and you are all of it. You can heal. You can wake up your heart. You can learn to love again. You can own your magic — the light and the shadow — and throw it all into the fire of love.

There is strength in facing this truth. It's claiming your power. It's owning all of it, and letting it become the gold that it's meant to be. It's the beautiful side of the darkness. The power of true healing.

When you do the work and stay true to you. When you release it to the light of your highest self, stare down the resistance, and keep showing up — that's real devotion. Such bigness of heart and spirit in that. True generosity. Something worth celebrating with some good ol' Reiki healing and Peter Panning in the fields! :)

Love, Satya

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