Time Does Not Exist

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.~ Albert Einstein

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I was reflecting on my goals, and how to get from point A (here and now) to point B (where I want to be).

Then it occurred to me: The truth is, point B is also here now.

How can that be...?

Actually: Because time does not actually exist; the past, present and future all happening simultaneously, at this moment.

Every moment is actually a step into the "future" (that's why the present holds the key to having everything you want). Right?

However, since the future is continually evolving into the present, I have only to make the distinction in my head between what I accept and what I discard as true for my "present" reality...

Therefore, I must come to terms with the past and be willing to let go of sh*tty, uncomfortable or traumatic "bad experiences" -- rather, be willing to see them for what they are: Wonderful gifts for personal transformation...

and with that clarity, I can form a clearer picture of where I am going in the present.

As ever -- clarity is the secret weapon.

Clarity provides the ability to see things for what they really are -- to see ourselves, and understand what's really going on. In order to understand your situation more clearly, start from a place of greater clarity in your own mind and vision. Get clear on what's really going on with you in the Presence of this moment!

Proof that time does not exist...

Every moment is infinitesimal and impossible to measure. As soon as the present moment is identified, it's already passed.

Try this test:

Say to yourself, "The present is now."

Notice that as soon as you make the statement, time has already passed, and the present moment moves into the past!

Now try, "The future is coming."

As soon as you say it, the immediate future turns into the present, and moves quickly into the past...!

You know in yourself that the present is always here -- always, immeasurably, infinitely, divinely here in this moment -- and yet, by the measure of time, the present can not actually really exist!

What's left when the lies of past and future time are stripped away? The immutable, unstopabble Presence of the Present moment -- that which is beyond space and time.   

In truth, it's time that does not actually exist, and yet we let ourselves be ruled by this great god of time in the sky...HA!

So, what's the value of understanding time does not exist?

Ever notice how quickly time slips by when you're fully immersed in the presence of the moment?

With the true understand that time does not exist comes the possibility of being a master of time, and manifesting the future you seek in this very moment.

If you understand the principle of timelessness, than you can stop time, you can manifest the future in the present, you can dissolve the pain of the past in one moment...(or, yeah, maybe two ;)).

We believe that things "take time." They certainly may take effort, and continuous effort exerted over time may yield results you seek, but is it the time, or the consistent application of your energy that's yielding results?

Why do some people slave endlessly and accomplish very little, while others have the world at their feet in apparently no time?

The key that I've found to being actually productive is intelligent and consistent application of energy and intelligence. But I don't mean smart use of resources available. I mean effort applied in alignment with the timeless present.

You have the clarity of embarking on a goal. Therefore, you look at what will make that goal possible, what will get you to that goal, and then you take action in accordance with what you have found. If you've successfully identified what will get you there, you've chosen a path that will lead you to the goal. The only requirement then is to take action steps in the present, and live the goal now!

(This is also known as "reverse engineering" for your life. That is to say, you've found the goal, and deconstructed the steps necessary to get there. Then you're actively engaged in living and enacting the steps you have deconstructed.)

With applied intelligence, merged into the endless power and depth of of this moment, you'll arrive at your goal WAY sooner though. When you're actively engaged in it as you live and breathe, the future present becomes the reality of the now.

Why do we keep thinking in terms of the future...?

The future does not, in fact, exist.

If you feel you're spinning your wheels and yet you're not getting far, maybe it's because you're thinking of something that may or may not happen in the future, as if it was happening in the future -- a future that does not actually exist, and may or may not ever exist!

That's why taking effective action is so important -- action that springs from the timeless eternal presence of this moment!

If you choose to really live in the present, taking action from that space of Presence -- you can let go of wherever you think you might be going, because wherever you land when you end up there will probably be so much more amazing anyway!  Besides, at that point you're already there anyway, so might as well enjoy it. ;)

And you CAN be there already -- in an instant.

Don't be a slave to the calendar, learn to be a master of yourself and your own presence, and transcend the limitations of space and time.

Why measure your progress in terms of time -- always striving to achieve your goals on time and on schedule, kicking yourself for not accomplishing as much as someone else apparently did in the same amount of time? Quit letting the clock rule your life! Time's got nothing on you when it comes to the depth of your presence and Spirit baby!

Now I realize why it took me so long to get where i was going. Man, that feeling sucks! ;)

Take effective, beautiful action in the presence of this present moment beyond space and time.

Join me in the space of existence, the formless essence beyond time where all things are able to manifest in an immeasurable instant...

The idea of time is only in your mind. It is not in the Self. There is no time for the Self. Time arises as an idea after the ego arises. But you are the Self beyond time and space. You exist in the absence of time and space.

- Sri Ramana Maharshi, Be As You Are (Goodreads).

(Now try this: Resting in yourself, letting your thoughts drift away, and following your breath to sink into the essence of your being. In this space of Being -- this connection with your Essence -- time drops away and the present becomes rich and full with the spaciousness of Timeless Pure Consciousness....)

Satya Colombo

Join me in the field of Timeless Pure Consciousness...

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