Meet Me in the Timelessness of the Eternal Heart?

When you realize that you don't need anything, then you're free to have whatever you want. - Ian Watson

How do you experience and understand the Absolute Essence of your being, of your very heart?

In early spring of this year, my friend Rafael Stoneman -- an absolutely remarkable and remarkably real human being -- went on a journey across the country and shot this wonderful little (big) film. A journey in exploration of Truth. No attachments to the outcome, no expectations, and no interest in the result.

I absolutely love what he's done with this. I love the authenticity that exudes from the film itself, from the wonderful slate of characters, and the spaces of reflective meditation along the journey. Watch the film, and share your comments below...

"Authentic Heart" is a spontaneous, unscripted travel around North America, to meet with people of all paths and cultures, and to connect in the timelessness of the eternal heart. All we need do is listen without any sense of separation to each voice we hear, and know that every sound rises out of one collective, authentic heart."

My favorite quote from the film is the last one, from Rafael himself, wrapping up the film: (spoiler alert!)

You know, what is this documentary about, really? It's a living demonstration of how to stay in the heart - and not be distracted, not be rattled, not be deceived... because the heart does not want anything for itself, any pay off ever, any reward...just to love and just to care is completely natural...and to pay attention to every detail, to everything that's revealed to us through this unfolding mystery...this miracle...what a MIRACLE this is...

You can find Rafe on Facebook, or visit his non-profit group site,

To me, the absolute great joy of life is in the quest, and the experience, of Truth. (and, finally, in the sharing of it...on my good days, that's all I really need.)

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