The Deep Dark Secret At the Root of All Misery (and How To Finally Handle It)

Satya Colombo eucalyptus

Satya Colombo eucalyptus

There's a huge issue going on with 99.9% of people in the modern world right now, and it's affecting almost all of us. Every moment, of every single day.

It just so happens that this issue is the root source of the vast majority of ALL OUR PROBLEMS, and yet few people are aware or even know how to deal with it. If they did, it could change everything. Absolutely change it all, almost in an instant.

From health issues to conflict and violence of all forms—most everything we are trying to avoid—this one thing permeates and holds the entire system of destruction, greed and illness in the world in place.

Let me explain some more, and I think you will understand. Once you have defanged and deconstructed the grip that this core issue has on you, everything changes.

For some this won't be too hard to grasp because you have already experienced the opposite. Many of us are working actively to deconstruct the paradigm that's built around this core issue.

For the majority in the world, however, few are aware of how serious it really is. The main reason being that it goes against everything we've been trained and indoctrinated into our whole lives.

The entire matrix of the modern world is based on a paradigm built on top of this core issue that keeps us in a place of weakness and fragility. In other words, we are easy to control and manipulate, which makes us a great asset for the machine. Essentially unhappy and always thirsty but just satisfied enough by to keep striving endlessly to fill thecogs.

And yet it's something that can definitely be resolved. By anyone. With some effort and guidance and commitment, the solution is right in our hands.

It's right with you, right now....

People will point to a million different problems in the world and say — this is why our world is MESSED UP! And that may be partly true, but they're missing the real issue. The problem is not our smart phones, radiation, GMO's, pollution and global warming, ignorance,  or even corrupt governments and policymakers -- though these are admittedly all big issues.

You have to look at what is the source of all this mess!

People think that our problems stem from greed and over-consumption of the world's richest corporations and people, and the countries that run by them. But what's the source of this endless greed and hunger for more more more?!!

The source of all this is so simple, it's almost laughable.You may not even believe it.

It's a simple, painful, awful, yet somehow perfectly beautiful truth...

Are you ready?

It's the core gaping wound of human existence.

The separation and false belief that we are not divine, we are fallen, and we are lesser than something and someone above us. Therefore, we must bow our heads,  and we must obey. Or else we will be punished. And why?

Because that's just the Truth. And if we are virtuous, then we will succeed. And we will be rewarded. In fact, our success is rooted in our core virtue. Therefore we can do whatever we need to do to have what we want, because then we will have proven ourselves to be virtuous.... 


This false paradigm we have been forced to experience from birth all the way through to our present day lives. It is woven into all of modern society, and it is the black hole where all real truth and inner confidence and true perfection and limitless happiness that is our birthright straight up DRAINS OUT on the daily.

This gaping black hole, the bottomless pit of pain has never been fully addressed because few people understand it, and fewer still are willing to go there and heal it.

This core wound is so uncomfortable that we lock it away, we separate from our own selves, and we become DISEMBODIED.

We are neither present to ourselves or IN ourselves. We are dis-embodied. Disconnected. Out to lunch. Not just on the physical body level. It's much deeper than that. It's a problem on all levels of our being. On the emotional, on the spiritual, on the mental, energetically — pretty much ALL of it.

And why?

Because of the bottomless pit. This hole inside of us that can NEVER _ BE _ FILLED.

Where did this pit of hell come from? Are we all born with this giant dark hole in our souls...?  Maybe it has been conditioned through lifetimes. Perhaps it is the legacy of the human experience, carried with us through our DNA for generations and countless past lives. Or maybe it just came in this lifetime.

Regardless, we all have it to some degree. It is the legacy of humankind.

This core wound of humanity gets triggered almost immediately upon being born and is reinforced throughout out lives through violence, abuse, and a system of the modern world that is set up specifically to disenfranchise us and keep us under control.

It's a state of being that's so unnatural to who we are it causes a huge rift inside us, and subsequently what I call "The Disconnect."

It basically short circuits us.

It causes us to create a million different systems to try and fill this huge gaping hole in our souls. From any one of a thousand distractions, to the grand pursuits of our lives, to love and money but above all more more and mooooore!!!

Anything to try and get the attention and presence and love energy that we have been missing our whole lives — from our own selves AND from the people that we love. Not to mention the societies we are a part of!

Worse still, it doesn't only affect us personally, it also causes us to be disassociated in all our relationships.

How can we be there for our loved ones if we aren't truly there for ourselves?

We end up hurting ourselves and our loved ones, and become severely out of balance.

We try to fill the hole by sourcing love from our partners and grasping for our soulmate, when we should be sourcing it from ourselves and our higher power.

Lost in the realms of MIND and subject to the wild whims of EMOTION. We spin around the wheels of thought and imagination, somewhere in the past, or the future, and rarely in the truepresent.

Dancing around the edges of our discomfort, triggered by all the things that touch on the secret pit that can rarely stay fully contained behind the iron cages we have wrought, but secretly infuses all that we do with its poison.

As a result, the majority of people are walking around lopsided, ungrounded, and unconscious. To top it off they are totally disassociated from their pain and emotions.

Conversely or as a result of all this we may become fixated entirely on our self image, while the body becomes a storage place for all our insecurities and self doubts stemming from the raging hole of fear and pain. We become obsessed with our body image and the feel-good sensations we can experience, without actually being present inside the body and all that's going on within us; the true self that is at once within and beyond this physical vessel.

What does this result in? Major issues across the board, in particular ACCIDENTS, CONFLICT, ILLNESS and ABUSE of all forms.

These are symptoms of the wound. And how the universe gets our attention when we are not present with it, and with the pain, and all of this junk we have brushed under the rug. (Not to say that any of this is our fault, or that we brought it on ourselves, or any of other spiritual love and light fluff of the new age mainstream.)

Who can blame us for feeling unsafe in a world like this?! It is incredible unstable, ungrounded, and flat out dangerous to be surrounded by hundred, thousands, and millions of people in this disembodied state.

I have to say I understand how much it sucks to be human sometimes--especially as an EMPATH—while no one taught us how to handle this stuff, and few can really understand the depths of our pain.

Maybe you have a stressful job and the cost of living is constantly rising, while many people that you love have passed  or are sick and dying.

More and more it seems every day as the sickness of our modern society reveals itself, as in the US our government's been taken over by white supremacist, white-collar criminal thugs of the absolute worst kind.

All this could be remedied pretty quickly, and it CAN be, starting with each one of us. Starting with you.

If you are brave.

If you are on board to complete your Earth mission in this life.

How do we address this and solve it for good? Is it possible, or are we destined to be stuck in this insane hamster wheel of disassociation forever?

If you know me and my work at all, you know that I am committed to supporting the awakening and transformation of society through each of us, and through a very down to earth approach. We need to be able to apply the mystical wisdom of the ancients to our modern lives and goals in an accessible and practical way.

Absolutely we can address this, and we must.

It's not going to happen in an instant, but it can happen with time and dedication. And it is absolutely imperative to save ourselves and our world.

We can start by cultivating a connection with the fluid and supple reality of the body. Cultivating a connection so that we can communicate more freely with the body. Moving, listening, being present, and BREATHING into the body.

It starts with opening a line of communication with ourselves, and being present to that. We are super complex and infinitely layered beings, with five primary aspects of our 3D existence, and many layers to each one of those, touching on multiple dimensions.

Until you experience the shift that comes from becoming embodied on all these levels of your being, you cannot fully understand what I am talking about here. If you have, you will get it.

What I recommend in the meantime is simple:

Be With It.

Crack some light in. Don't be scared. Meet it with respect. You don't need to go all the way in. You don't need to crack yourself all the way open. You just need to hold a tiny little space for the light to come in.

And then shake it off. Literally,

Dancing is everything. Sacred movement, sacred flow, sacred intimacy. Presence. With yourself first. Learning to work with your energy. Life is your practice. Dig in, and do the work.

All the better if you can do this work with the help of someone you trust. But only if they have been through it, and they do not try to encourage you to bypass the darkness for the light! Please just please, not that.

In my upcoming spiritual healing and Sacred Wild Mentorship we will go in-depth into this transformation of the self to come through into a place of power and strength. In alignment with your true self and soul callings. I will give you the keys to unlocking all blocks and beliefs that keep you holding back, and doing this on your own every day, so you can be in a position of power, not dependency. So you can do this yourself, light your self up. And then us all too. We rise with you.

Let me know if you think you might be interested or you're just curious, and we can chat some more. Message me and connect — find me on Instagram or via my newsletter.

If you are FEELING IT ALL, you are not alone. I am working on the EMPATH TOOLS mini-course that is a free offering, and I have the EMPATH POWER Masterclass available now. Also: BREATHWORK + HEALING WITH YOUR HIGH-SELF TEAM.

Rooting for you!! I am here. Keep on going, keep doing the work, keep shining your light, it matters. 

All the Love in the universe,

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