The future of humanity is in your hands. Will you drop the ball or join the battle?

end of civilizationThis is a hard piece for me to write today. Hard because it’s so vital. So essential to my existence and the continued existence of our civilization. I'm pushing through the resistance, with the help of my higher self - and a few shots of premium handmade vodka - because this is my call. This is my call to arms on this night as I prepare for the most epic battle I've ever committed to joining and leading.

What's at stake

What is at stake is no less than the entire future of our “civilization.” Not to be alarmist, but in a matter of time, all the comforts you’ve grown to count on, to rely on, and to love may no longer be available to you, or your children.

You who are reading this now, you're the one on which this all stands. Not some other person, or some “more capable leader.” In fact, the entire future of humanity rests on your shoulders...

Those who ignore this, ignore it at their own peril, and the peril of the rest of us. It’s in your hands.

The Future of Civilization. Over the past 200 years we've witnessed the exponential growth of our human population, and the demands of this population far outstripping the earth’s capacity and available resources. We've seen the mega-corporations grow into monoliths equal in power to the greatest nations, and devouring everything in their wake in the relentless imperative to profit. We've witnessed the so-called leaders of our great nations declare war on their own people, extinguish entire communities of their neighboring countries, intervene in the name of democracy and freedom, but with the thinly veiled imperative of an endless thirst for more power, more wealth and more of the earth's great resources.

As the planet’s oil and clean water supplies dwindle, along with our ability to breathe clean air and source un-polluted food the scale and intensity of international conflicts will only increase. We've seen small terrorist groups bring entire nations to their knees, and we have witnessed first hand the destructive effects of an unseen enemy that cannot be extinguished on our own soil. This is the world we live in, and where we're headed, but there's something you need to understand first...

The greatest enemy of all is not headquartered in remote middle-east barracks or Al-Qaeda training camps.

The greatest enemy, the darkest force of evil imaginable, the most devastating potential destructor of humankind is right in our own backyards. Right in your neighborhood, your apartment building, and the company you work for.

It's called willful complacency.

Pure and simple. It’s complacent ignorance driven by self-preservation and greed, and it inflicts the overwhelming majority of Americans and residents of all the rich countries.

The truth is, the vast majority of us are really content to have things more or less as they are, give up their freedom for “stability” of whatever job and accumulate wealth in order to consume more and buy their happiness. Meanwhile, on the receiving end the forests are stripped, the children are sold into slavery, the waters, air and soil are polluted, and the people are poisoned.

And it’s because your neighbor, or your hubby or if you’re an average American YOU -- you’re so focused on preserving your way of life, climbing your way up, or just having the things you think will make you happy, you’ll do anything to get a job with any company that will pay you enough to buy the stuff you crave, super size your “super value meal” and earn the freedom to numb your brain with 4 hours of TV every day.

“Civilization” is broken.

Our mental operating systems are completely screwed, buggy, dysfunctional. It’s completely broken. We’re working on a survivalist framework inherited from our ancestors, and we’re unwittingly destroying our planet. We aren’t monkeys. It’s not survival of the fittest any more. It’s survival of the planet and civilization as we know it.

Even the majority of supposedly progressive bloggers and transformational leaders out there are operating on a completely broken model, selfishly driven by greed and using their understanding of human weakness and psychology to manipulate you into buying their courses, and participating in their lame “communities.”

The culprits are everywhere. They’re the “gatekeepers” and the people upholding the status quo, the unwitting targets of apparently harmless Facebook advertising campaigns and propaganda dreamed up by the marketing minds behind the world’s biggest brands, and their competitors. They’re your friends, relatives, and loved ones, who guile you into believing you need all sorts of crap, and to have a “good job.” Lastly the gatekeepers are in your own mind, telling you that you can’t live your dream, or listen to your heart; that life requires sacrifices, and sometimes that sacrifice is your own happiness and well-being.

One word: bullsh*t. This is a wake up call

This is a call for you to wake up to the truth of who you are, and understand the imperative of the gifts you have. It’s not about satisfying yourself, or getting what you want, it’s about healing the world with your art. Your art. Not your complacent, half-assed, lukewarm, pretty OK with life as it is even though it could be better self.

It’s a moral imperative: you are, in fact, a healer. Your art awakened with love and passion, your writing, music, research, work, your thoughts, your heart expressed in action -- is the greatest force of healing, awakening, energizing life-changing, society transforming power in existence.

You. Awakened, Alive, Fully energized in the passion and the power and the heart of your love expressed in action. Expressed in your being, Through your hands, your mind, your being. This is the great transformation. This, is the revolution. This is what will save humanity.

As we awaken and embrace the truth of our existence, the depth of our perception, the grace and the majesty of our liberation, we begin to truly walk in beauty, and the wake we leave behind us is not ignorance, complacence, consumption and the dark suffocating force of extinction consuming our humanity in this very moment. It’s the redeeming, healing, empowering, enlightening and illuminating force of true potentiality unleashed into the greatest force known to humankind: Pure love in action.

Will you heed the call? Next steps: (stuff you can do now)

1. Wake the F*** up. For most people that means get out of the haze of insecurity, confusion and the various struggles, hardships and conflicts you’re engaged in. Getting out doesn’t mean they still aren’t there, or that you’re continually drugging yourself out of awareness through TV, fast food, prescription drugs and other intoxicants to avoid facing them. It means that you’ve seen the ray of light through the haze, and now you’re committed to pulling yourself out. Start by doing this exercise from my last article, if you haven’t already: How to calibrate your energy to the luminous frequency of light

2. Get rid of the crap you don’t need in your life on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. If you've already started this, great. Time to go deeper. Clear your energy obstacles by doing shamanic healing and energy clearing. David Elliott’s guided breathwork meditations will help you do this: download his entire Healing book for free here, and subscribe to his email list for a free guided healing meditation and connect directly to the source from one of the great living healers on this planet.

3. Commit to living your truth and step up to the plate. The greatest gift you can give to humanity and yourself is to use your gifts and the expression of your true self on this earth now by making the commitment to live in your power and share your highest truth in whatever form it’s calling for you to take. Sign up to my Epic Flow Series for creative inspiration and a kick in the pants for manifesting your dreams and inspirations.

4. Solidify your independence by increasing your passion-based income. Move into true independence by creating an income stream out of your heart’s greatest passion, so that your survival doesn’t hinge on the destruction of the planet or the whims of a board made up of complacent "institutionalists." Listen to the slate of free interviews I conducted with some of the great living luminaries who are transforming society through living their passion at the Freedom Business Summit. You can also get the first steps to learn how to create a life, website and business online from your passion thru my free 5 steps to freedom program I created last year.

5. Turn your life into a fierce expression of the divine and never look back. If that means leaving everything you know and love behind to assume a new identity and recreate who you are in the world/online, what's stopping you? The greatest first step you can take to accelerate your personal evolution is clear your energy and open into Flow. That's what I created the Flow guidebook for.

The greatest gift we have is the vast expanse of this precious, short and limited lifetime. Don’t let it go to waste, for in doing so you're neglecting the great imperative we have to turn around the tides and save this great and fragile humanity from extinction. In our lives. In your life. Now.

Vaya con dios.

In Love and Victory, --Satya

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