How to Calibrate Your Energy to the Luminous Frequency of Light

(Post revised August 2013) frequency lightLight travels at approximately 186,282 miles per second -- the maximum speed at which all matter and information in the universe can travel. It is a very high frequency form of energy, cycling at a range of about 405 – 790 THz (one THz = one trillion Hz, or about 15,000 times the power of the fastest computer processors).


When you recalibrate your energy to its original luminous frequency of pure light -- that of the "unborn" or pre-natal essence in Taoist medicine -- you allow for the true wonders of existence to manifest in your life, attracting high energy people, positive energy and more opportunities for feeling frickin' amazing.

What I've found when I'm calibrated to this high frequency energy is that the happiness, fulfillment and release I seek from life, work, relationships and all the various activities I'm engaged in becomes available in an instant.

It's pretty incredible, and because I got kissed by the gods of clarity and good fortune today, I'm going to share with you how and why to do it now...

I've been reflecting, researching and writing a lot about developing superhuman powers, and it's clear that from the perspective of human evolution, evolutionary technologies and straight-up human effectiveness, deeply expanded awareness is the most important of these. That's because it helps enable you to heal yourself, connect to the source of all existence, expand your intuitive senses, and direct you to the most effective application of your energy at any given time, among other things.

// Why you might need this

As you know, the human experience is highly fickle and ever-changing. The tendency is to swing from one end of the spectrum to another, experiencing great highs, devious lows, hard struggles, glorious triumphs and everything in between.* For myself, I’ve found that a typical day can carry a whole lifetime of these experiences and leave me completely worn out and exhausted. That’s why the need is there to continually recalibrate your energy and realign your essence with your intention.

Rather than collapse in front of the TV out of exhaustion, or rely on alcohol and other stimulants to get you through it, recalibrating your energy is the most effective way I've found to release and dissolve stress, fatigue, worry, doubt, anger, fear, confusion and any other areas lacking clarity in your life. Plus there are no “downs,” negative side effects, or hangovers to contend with... I'm really not fond of the hangovers.

The other great reason to do this, is it just feels really really good. Sort of like the cleanest, lightest experience of “getting high” but again without the side-effects, crashing and heaviness that typically accompanies the use of any recreational, prescription or “medicinal” drugs.

We are all beings made of energy. Einstein proved it. There is no disputing it. Under a super microscope, we are all just atoms of energy....

The ease and velocity in which we can adjust our energy fields is mind-blowing. You can shift from a state of dark, seething, deranged energy to a high-vibration being of infinite light and goodness in a matter of moments, and vice versa. This is useful...and dangerous. Dangerous because it requires vigilance. Useful because when you’re down and out you can use the tools available to you to completely shift your energy and turn yourself into a ninja warrior of the light, cutting through darkness like a samurai with a blade of sun.

// How to recalibrate your luminous energy field

There are a lot of ways to do this, but the most effective method I’ve found requires removing yourself from your home or apartment and walking or driving to a forested area, or a natural water source, preferably both if possible. This could be the ocean, or a mountain creek, though the water element isn't essential. It could be a park removed from the city, at the edge of an untouched natural habitat. What matters most is this is done in the daytime, when there is natural light streaming directly from the sun.

1. Find a natural habitat where there is preferably at least one acre of untouched land in the vicinity, and few if any people. Leave your cell phone and any smart devices at home (or in your car if you must).

2. Walk around a bit and let your mind get loose. Walking helps process problems and situations, as areas of the left and right brain cortexes come into some kind of synergistic flow through your walking (for an explanation of "bilateral therapy" see Thom Hartmann's Walking Your Blues Away). When you’re ready to let go of hard thinking, sit on a rock, or a stump, or on the ground. Avoid any man-made benches or seats.

3. Close your eyes and face the sun with your body. Breathe in the sunlight, and breathe out any negativity, dark energy, bad thoughts, fears, anxieties, inner confusion, emotional pain or other commotion. Just keep breathing in the light, and out the crap. Continue until you feel the balance shifting more and more into the pure sustenance of the sun’s warm light. This is the fire, and the source of life. Through the breath, you awaken the natural light within yourself. The fire of the sun ignites your natural inner fire.

4. Call forth the light in you. When you’ve come to a more neutral place of balance in the in and out breathing, you can focus on calling forth and growing the inner light more strongly. Picture yourself becoming enveloped from the inside out in pure light energy. This is very high frequency of positive energy that you will continue to breathe in and out. Send that energy back to the sun, and create a reciprocal cycle of breathing light in and light out together with the sun.

5. Connect with your surroundings again, and ground the energy. Once you’ve done that for a while, you will most likely experience a complete and total shift in your energy field and mental space. Clarity, light, intuition and a heightened sensation of blissfulness -- a natural high -- pervades your presence. In this state you'll also be more closely attuned to the energy of your surroundings. The vibration of the natural world, the current of the water, the language of the forest, and the trees, these are all much more close now. Connect with them more strongly, ground your energy by breathing in the surroundings, and send roots of energy and gratitude into the earth, and all around you. Feel the exchange of love and gratitude as it comes back to you now full circle. You are free to create, or express with this love, in whatever form it takes!

Often in this state of flow, the greatest inspirations come, and the most important hunches or messages for your life and work. This is the state in which the greatest work can also be produced, moving into a state of effortless flow with the frequency of light, which is also the frequency of creation.

I've used this practice in various forms throughout my life. One day after doing the practice in my local forest park in Ashland, Oregon, I ended up walking on sunshine and wandering around like a blissed-out Christ figure for quite a while. By witnessing the precise detail in which this process unfolded for me I was able to come home, preserve the energy, and go directly to writing this fairly effortless outline of the process to share with you.

Recalibrating your energy with the luminous frequency of light. That is what came to me that day, in this form. Since then I've tried this in several variations and different environments. The meditation can be modified to suit your needs, just test it out and see what works best for you.

Also, it's really wonderful to end this with extreme gratitude for the sun, sky, earth mother, Great Spirit, the ancestors, and whoever else you are moved to acknowledge.

// A word of caution on superhuman powers

Obviously, in the wrong person's hands, these powers could be detrimental to society. Already we've seen how intelligence applied to technology can be adapted and used for darkness and destruction, as in the building and dropping of atomic bombs based on Einstein's discoveries, and in the vast killing machine of the military-industrial complex. As technological innovation speeds up, we must be continually look at ways to balance the predilection for darkness in all its forms, by actively developing and sharing the higher levels of awareness in ourselves. I believe this sort of work is essential for the survival of human society.

I would add that in terms of spiritual evolution and growth, getting stuck in developing super-powers is considered to be an obstacle on the path to the absolute awareness of enlightenment. Most of the great masters have repeatedly warned against the trap of focusing to strongly on developing powers or "siddhis")  As Patanjali stated in the yoga sutras, "By non-attachment to even Psychic Powers, the seeds of bondage are destroyed and independence gained." (51)**

Or, as stated elsewhere, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven; everything else will be added unto you."

My own experience has been that developing these tools has augmented my life, my work and my practice, but that nothing is greater than connecting and abiding in the truth -- the essence -- of who you are. You are in control of how you live your life. It's time to start harnessing more of our true personal strength and power.

// ADDITIONAL NOTES & DISCLAIMERS: Use caution if you have any medical conditions, sensitivities, prone to fainting, etc. This is a very high energy exercise and I'm obviously not a doctor offering you any medical advice, so can't be held responsible for any issues you might have with this -- use your own discretion. Not recommended you do this for more then 15-20 minutes at high noon or around that time when the sun is at its brightest (best time I've found is later in the afternoon, when the sun is a bit softer). As with most deep meditation/energy work processes, I would recommend this exercise be limited to 30 minutes or less.

If on your first try you don't experience a complete immersion into that frequency, just try it again at another time. The energy and clarity you have will gradually continue to build as a base point, as well as your capacity to absorb and sustain these higher-level frequencies. 

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share this work to help balance out the energy in the world, and to provide some support you and encouragement for your great work.

Love and Light,

Satya Colombo

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*As Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche once said, "The bad news is you're falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there's no ground."

**From The Complete Works of Swami Vivekenanda: (A vast storehouse of very high-level knowledge) Raja-Yoga, Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms - Powers.

"We have to get better at believing the impossible." ~ Kevin Kelly