It’s Time to End the 6,000 Year Cycle of Stress-Related Illness In Your Lineage

Photo x Paul Green

Photo x Paul Green

What good are all your accomplishments if you can’t enjoy them because you arrive at the finish line half-dead—inside and out??

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been steadily pushing the limits of maximum productive capacity. While we continue to improve technology and comfort and all the metrics of wealth and civilization, our mental health and physical wellness are a mess.

Instead of using technology to make our lives better, and work less, we have allowed our machines to keep pushing us ever forward into greater productive capacity.

But listen, we are not machines— we are soft and squishy, deeply feeling human animals.

No wonder we are sicker than ever, and our planet is too…

It’s time to put an end to the madness.

Now, this may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s absolutely true: 

Whatever goals you may have, energy healing and meditation will help you achieve what you TRULY desire—and more importantly, get you there alive and well.

You can have your cake and survive to eat it too. ;)

When you go all-out in pursuit of your goals without a foundation of being grounded in your inner awareness, you are likely to experience so many problems like the majority of people.

Does any of this sound familiar in your family lineage?: 

Stress eating, anxiety, insomnia, depression, aggression, conflicts, accident-prone behaviour, heart disease and other stress-related illness, and the list goes on... 

Our modern societies are more unhealthy and out of balance then ever. We are so hyper-focused on productive output and wealth generation, while ignoring the very real stressors of over-exposure to media, EMF’s, sleep deprivation, and all the other sources of toxicity that come along with life in the modern world.  

We don’t have healthy relationships with each other, let alone ourselves!

Listen: You have such a beautiful and perfect heart!

I want to help you get to know who you really are, and strengthen that relationship with yourself. 

From that place it is such a joy to operate and connect and experience a deeper beauty of living.

If you can do that, virtually EVERY SINGLE METRIC of well-being you can measure improves.*

And of course, from there, your family lives and relationships improve as well.

It’s that simple. 

This I why I teach healing and meditation. It’s not to elevate you above the human race—or into a Buddha so that you don’t have incarnate on Earth again. 

On the contrary, it is so that you can be an even more effective, happy, and heart-centered human. So you can truly do what you are here for. And stop the centuries-old cycle of illness and conflict in your lineage. 

It’s time to put an end to 6,000 years of madness that came before us. It’s time to heal from the inside out, and learn how to function as productive AND healthy, loving, heart-centered humans that we truly are.

Tell me what you want to achieve, and I will show you how healing and meditation will get you there — healthier, happier, and 100% in integrity with your soul. You do not need to compromise your health and sanity any longer! And that is something to celebrate.



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