Out Beyond Resistance, Beliefs and Battles: A Garden. Meet Me There?

freedom train

We Resist

Against ourselves, each other, the world -- when our hearts are no longer in alignment with our actions.

We Resist, because our actions fight against the grain of our spirits.

We Resist, because our spirits want to fly free, and our minds struggle with what is logical and feasible.

We Resist, because we’re human. We have doubts. We have fears. But are we not also divine?

To begin overcoming the resistance is to experience the taste of freedom -- the freedom at the heart of what we truly want.

But it's also the heart of what we truly are. The divine essence of our souls.

So if we really are divine, then why the struggle... the heartache... the resistance to who and what we truly are?

We Believe

In the struggle, the hard-won battle, the well-earned existence.

We believe in science, and sometimes in magic. We believe we exist, as the universe exists. With or without us.

We believe in what we believe, and we believe we must fight for what we believe in -- for all that is good and right and just.

And fight we must! The epic fight for truth and freedom... But can this great war truly bring freedom? As if these two opposing forces could peaceably coexist?

The quality of the effort, the space of our intention, the essence of the battle -- these are what carry through to the final outcome; flavor the experience. Carry the essence.

Our essence is freedom. There is no fight there. Only peace.

Only peace.

We Overcome

A field of wild flowers lies hidden in your soul. Call it the garden of your soul.

So what if you were to just follow the scent of your soul to its source? How about catching that scent and seeing where it takes you today...?

Play, dance, work, live, be. At the source, it’s all divine flow of universal energy. Sweet nectar of flow.

You are freedom. You are it. You Are.

Could that just be enough?

You could keep pushing against the resistance to make it happen or you could let the resistance flood over you, witness it, and let it continue on its course. Let it flow on. Let the freedom bubble up in its place. Catch the scent.

Please don't stop doing everything you love-- everything that brings you fulfillment, brings you closer to your goals and dreams. The battle for truth and freedom is glorious, hard-won and epic. Don’t give up your epic battle.

But don’t mistake the Battle for the Truth.

It only takes a moment of recognition to catch the scent of your soul, and follow it home to its great glory. This is the effortless glory of true victory.

We resist. We doubt. We believe. We overcome. But is this all really necessary?

The greatest battle is won when we're no longer driven to fight tooth and nail for what is ours by divine right, by simple virtue of being born. This is our birth right.

Please don't stop. Don't give up. Keep believing. Keep fighting. Keep striving. But in the striving -- in the battle -- Can you remember..?

Whatever end goal you're striving for, what freedom you desire, what beauty you pursue, you are already that.

The flow of intoxicating fragrance. You Are It.

Do you think that could just be enough? Really enough? It's so much easier this way. So, what then...? Can you pick up the flow?

When you catch it, and follow it home, look for me there. I won't be far.

"Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there." ~ Rumi