Amor Vincit Omnia: LOVE Conquers All (The Fierce Wisdom Manifesto)


Benjamin West (1738-1820) - Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Triumph of Love in the Three Elements, 1809 - Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image credit. Description. Hi-res Download.


In honor of the Flow Book launch (yay!) and at the risk of overdoing the whole "manifesto" thang...I'm publishing a little mini Fierce Wisdom manifesto - right here on this 'ere page. This is a fun little piece I initially drafted a couple months ago, and it popped out at me, like -- hey, post this, suckah! -- when I's combing through for a different piece. I thought it was kinda awesome, even thought it's flawed as hell, so I dusted it off and cleaned it up a bit. You're going to either LOVE IT or totally HATE IT (though I'm honestly somewhere in between the two myself...)

It's missing a few key pieces, so I'm thinking you might add some in. But I really don't mind either way. This is fun... :)


We have witnessed the endless manipulation of our fellow humans and the destruction of our planet for profit and greed, while the economic engines of post-industrial globalization tower high above us working for the benefit of the few, the privileged, and the power-holders.

With admiration for those with the self-determination, courage and strength to face the endless forces of resistance and opposition, we throw our love and support with reckless abandon behind those who would struggle against darkness, destruction and willful complacency in all its forms.

The same forces that would have us all stay in crappy jobs, slaves to the system, buying useless crap to supplement our happiness, weakened and ignorant to our true power.

In honor of all that is fair and true and beautiful in this world,

In declaration of the true glorious potential of all 7 Billion Beautiful People of our beautiful little planet,

Working harmoniously together for the benefit of Enlightened Society,

We hold these principles to be true:

1. That although we may push our population to the very brink of extinction, Life itself -- being the most precious, sacred and glorious thing in existence -- will never die for it is the essence of immortality!

2. That to be awake to the truth of who we truly are, the vast and incomprehensible glory of our essence, is the greatest gift of our existence.

3. That even though awakening and self-realization rocks, it's not alone a sufficient occupation for a human, but rather a pathway to completing our various missions for which we've been put here on earth -- to love and flow and serve.

4. That we each have our own unique part, and banded together in tribes of glorious beauty we're strong and invincible, with even greater capacity to defeat the forces of darkness, destruction and willful ignorance that predominate in our mainstream contemporary societies.

5. That even though there may be a lot of that creepy dark stuff going on, we know that at the root of us all lies the one great truth of divine humanity that ties us all together -- call it Great Spirit, God, Goddess, Allah, Yahweh, Truth, or what have you -- and we stand for the peaceful, uniting and glorious aspect of that highest truth above all.

6. That the world is undergoing the greatest period of transition in the history of humankind, and it's up to us to elevate ourselves and the collective into full responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and our highest personal power. (Or, hey, we can all just dive right into our potential extinction as a species within a century due to record global temperature heights -- solutions?

7. That we support the proliferation of technology, insofar as we can put it to use to improve the lives of ALL our fellow humans (not just the global power elite, policy-makers and those of us privileged to be able to afford the latest apple yummies).

8. That the evolution of technology and the evolution of humankind go hand in hand, and technology will serve us in empowering, strengthening and bringing us closer together, so long as we stay focused on using it for the greater good.

9. That above all we're committed to transforming, strengthening and embiggening our own selves, and from this place of true personal power we can go about sharing, spreading this truth with the world -- using it to keep kickin' butt all 'round, and transform others' lives and the human race as a whole for mo' better!

10. That sometimes we just have to really live and enjoy life, and not worry about any of this sh*t, because after all, we are human.

11. In love and compassion and most of all in HOPE for the global expansion of human consciousness and empathy to encompass all of humankind, and the biosphere of this earth, we declare the Triumph of Love and Truth above all!


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Posted in honor of all the upholders of truth, love and beauty in this world... and the launch of The Flow Manifesto.

Are ya with me on this? What might you add? How many great truths to live by have I missed...? How bad have I blundered with my blathering..?

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