Simplicity and the Fierce Wisdom Way

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication - Leonardo DaVinci


It is also the key to success in my experience. Pair it all down. Pair down your efforts, your thoughts, your beliefs about what can and cannot happen; what is and is not possible. Remove as much extraneous stuff that doesn't serve your goals as possible.

"What if I'm not clear on my goals?" - you say.

Well then, that's probably why your life feels complicated. Get clear on what you want, and what you're here for, and all else will follow...

Clarity is the number one key.

What do you want, and what are you here for?

Take a moment to ask yourself those two simple questions. With a dedication and commitment to that, life becomes a lot more simple. Another thing that REALLY helps, is connecting to the source of who you really are. I find that nature and the breath is useful for this.

I'm fond of beach swims, forest walks and big mountain creek cannon balls...

Of course, the mind wants more, so here are 21 easy hacks to simplify your life...

The Fierce Wisdom way of simplicity... watch your mind take the simplest truths and twist them into excuses, stories, and other forms of resistance. Take the resistance and spin it on its head. You are an infinite being of pure brilliant consciousness, and simple glorious perfection at your essence.

Connecting with that essence, let there be joy, and restfulness, and simplicity. All that is needed is to peel away the identification with confusion and chaos in your mind.

Take the deepest lessons from the simplest truths. Let the truth sit with you, and watch how your mind resists the simplicity of it. It's fun to watch, and even more fun to transcend the resistance...

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness. - Henry David Thoreau

What do you want, and what are you here for? I'd love to read your answers in the comments below...

With love, satya-sig