How to Discover Your True Life Purpose in 10 Minutes: The Passion Maker Test

"Great minds have purposes, others have wishes." ~Washington Irving The Passion Maker Life Purpose Test is for people who are committed to make the world a better place. Committed to make a difference, live your truth, and maybe go down in history, one way or another...

clintA downloadable bullet to apathy.

The 10 questions are short, simple, and straightforward.

Whether you do it or not is really up to you. Like everything in life, when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to make it happen (with a little help from Spirit).

Identifying and committing to your true life purpose is the foundation of all good things in life.

I've found that as soon as I was clear and strong and committed to my life purpose, everything became much easier, and much more clear. This clarity of passion and purpose is really what makes so many great things possible. I can only scratch the service of the truth in that statement here, but believe me, it's the real miracle maker. So, that's why I created the "passion maker test" -- to help people make truly amazing things happen in their lives, and in the world! It's somewhat interactive, so you can enter in your answers right there on the document, and save it. Or you can just go ahead and print it out if you like. It's not long...!

If you just go ahead and answer the questions without pondering too long on each one, you can easily complete the test in 10 minutes or less. Once you've done it, you can take some more time to ponder your purpose and your commitment to that!

More on the inspirational element to prepare you for taking the test, and committing to your life purpose:

When you’re aligned with your mission, and you’re feeling good about your work, your life, and your circumstances - whatever they may be! - the universal energy flow is free to rush in and do its work. It feels really good...

When your closed off, compressed, and tight about your life, you close off the flow to and from the universe, and you suffer; your loved ones suffer; your finances suffer; your heart suffers.

Wherever you are in the game, and in this moment, take some time to breathe and slow down, right now...

Take a moment to allow the flow of the universe to expand a little in you, as you loosen those tight clamps on your heart and spirit; crimps that are closing off the flow of energy, the oxygen that your spirit needs to survive and thrive.

You are a magical, beautiful, powerful being. I know you know that in your deepest heart. Its time to awaken fully to the power you have within, and make it happen. You may have gone through this kind of process 100 times, or it may be your first, but no matter, the time is now to start anew!

Now is the time to take that massive giant leap, and plunge into the greatness that you are, and the power that you truly wield from within. Time to embrace “beginner’s mind", time to let go of the past, and time to embrace your beautiful, powerful, emboldened future. Are you ready to take the plunge? Let’s make it happen...!

Click here to download the Passion Maker Test: Identify and Commit to your True Life Purpose in Ten Minutes... (Right click or Option+click to 'Save As...')

[The Passion-Maker: Part 2 is here -- One question that changes everything]

When you're done, I'd love it if you'd share this page on Twitter or Facebook, email it to a friend, and add a comment to share your experience too...

With Love, Satya

p.s. my life purpose...

To live my life as a luminous warrior, fighting for freedom, steadfastly upholding my highest ideals, and relentlessly committed to Truth. To never compromise in my path, my truth and my quest, and steadfastly shine the light forward for others to see the way. To be an instigator of change and transformation, and dedicate myself to leading fearlessly in service every step of the way. To die in peace, with no regrets, and to be remembered for a life of uncompromising ideals, unwavering commitment, and unending service to humankind in the quest for freedom and a better world.


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