Make Yourself a Refuge

island refuge Where is your refuge?

For empaths, creators, and those who might have a tendency to worry unnecessarily about what other people think—fretting over how your self-expression is received—there is a solution. The best thing I have found is to establish a place of abiding peace, a set point to fall back on and rest inside. In nurturing this space daily, a sort of sanctuary is created. A place of refuge to return when our thoughts, fears and anxieties start getting the best of us. And in that space, the false truths of our human experience are released and transmuted in the fire of our spirit. The noble fire of Love and Truth.

Because we are human, we must work with what we have. Because we are divine, we have everything we need.

If you have not yet found a practice or path that works for you, just let me know. With more than 30 years experience in my own spiritual practice (literally), I might have a few pointers I can help you with.

Find your refuge – your inner sanctuary. Revel in the sweetness. Let it flourish and expand to infuse more of your earth walk with passionate presence. As the Buddha himself once put it, "Make yourself an island...make Truth your refuge, it is the only refuge."

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Love and peace, Always

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