In love, at last...

I wanted nothing more than to fall in love again. To feel the pulsing in my veins for my muse, my love, my life alive with her. I searched the world over she was nowhere to be found. And when I had all but given up, the well had run dry and nothing in my cup, I felt a call somewhere in my soul. I can’t say much more, just a whisper maybe a surge. A call to bear witness to this sacred form, alive with the vital force of ten thousand and more, the living gods who came before.... Why, just look at your hands! The way skin wraps around all those delicate bones, grown from a seed and shaped through time, as though the story of their lines was written just for you. Could there be a sweeter, `more perfect imperfection?

Quietly now, reaching down to touch the pulsing essence of all that is and ever was…a whisper rushing in to beckon me forth, 'if only you understood how to let me come in, this grace that would bring you alive once again…’ I welcomed her then, how could I refuse, like waves rushing onto some long forgotten shore, lost fragments of my soul recovered once more. So gentle in there, just under the skin, a paradise hiding where once life was dead. It was then that I knew this wild flow of grace, wanted nothing more than to be embraced. To nourish me fully, and bring me whole again.

Licked up to a frenzy, flames cracking the vessel, split open to reveal its stark naked truth…oh holy of holies, emerging at last, your body as temple, a sanctum divine. A hunger so great for this sacred flow, to set your heart free, just this one more time. A fire that burns...inside you and me. What greater delight to ravish, embrace? Could you let it have its way just this once?

Waves rushing in just like when you were young. Let them strip off your masks and your precious gowns, like layers of skin, false truths long since dead, taken fully revealing the beauty within. Come now my sweet soul, taste the nectar of your perfect form. Come just as you are and have your fill at last. Your sacred heart open and bathed in true grace. Let us witness the joy of your spirit on fire, alive and awake and forever more, it’s all that we wanted to embrace and adore!

At last the thirst that could never be quenched, that hunger inside can finally rest. Breathe deep…exhale…so fresh and alive. Awake, my dear soul, in love again at last.

xo and all my love, Satya <3

The JourneySatya Colombo