12 Ways Wild Souls Get Grounded When They Just Want to FLY AWAY

Respect and Love the Trees Wild souls, empaths and star kids always want to fly free. Aware of all the lies and false beliefs we’ve been forced to swallow from society and our upbringing, we still feel trapped in the system. Everyone's got to keep working to pay the bills and stay afloat – not to mention the false paradigm we've been conditioned to believe that no matter what we do it will never be enough. We will never make enough, do enough, or be enough to fill the broken bucket, so we keep on running the hamster wheel to exhaustion.

There is a solution, though, and it’s right there beside you at all times. It’s called...wait for it.....


Here's a thought: Are you sitting or standing or somehow connected to the ground right now? Chances are, yes. (If you’re on a boat, or you're one of the lucky ones who has learned how to fly, notice how happy you are when you land back on earth.) Notice how strong and lovely it is. Think about the last time you went barefoot and remember how good it felt under your toes.

If you’re running on empty, you have zero reserves left, or you just want to get the f*ck off planet earth right now, you're not alone. Here's how the wild souls deal by Getting Grounded.

1. Stepping away from the screen. We’re all addicted to our devices and the shots of hormones that come through our social interactions. The net effect is we end up feeling more sad, more isolated, more in our heads and disconnected from ourselves! There are a bunch of studies that have come out about this now. (The Atlantic, NPR, Illinois University) Take a screen vacation. Leave the phone at home. Shut off the notifications. Shut off the reception, shut off the wifi. Start doing it for just a few hours at a time. Then 24 hours at a time. See how long you can go. It's pretty awesome when you do.

2. Remembering how to breathe. It’s not your fault you weren't taught how to breathe properly growing up. You can learn. Or rather – REMEMBER. Take one deep breath in, say 4-5 counts until your lungs are full. When you get to the top of the breath, hold it for a moment. Then exhale 5-7 counts until your lungs are empty. When you get to the bottom, pause a brief moment, then breathe again. Adjust as needed. There you go. Do this a few minutes every day and your life will get so much better.

3. Getting embodied. I mean really IN THERE This is so important because we have been programmed to be in our minds, and we spend all day in front of screens working out problems. When we are not in front of our screens we are thinking about who and what’s behind the screen and everything else under the sun, when we should really be OUT IN THE SUN. Move your body. Feel your body. Get into your body. Love your body. Notice how hard it works for you with very little support or attention from you. Then do something about it.

4. Eating more nourishing foods (with intention). Simply amazing: When you eat, don’t do anything else.... Just eat! When we actually focus on what we're eating, we are so much more present in our bodies. No phone, no book, no movie, no music. Where does the food come from? What makes it taste the way it does? What is happening when you eat? There is so much to experience in the eating itself. Why do you eat — because you enjoy food, or because you are some kind of robot meeting your daily nutrition requirements? Vegetables can be even more grounding then meat when you eat them this way as they come from the Earth (especially root veggies!).

5. Touching earth with skin. We need to get our bare feet and hands on the earth every day. When you lay down with your whole body and connect with the ground, notice how your love and the Earth’s love are kinda similar? Send it out through your hands and feet and your whole body and see if you don’t get some love in return! Let it in and it will nourish you. There is a whole "Earthing" movement for grounding that seems to revolve around products I have not tried, but seriously just take your blessed shoes off and go barefoot more often!

6. Playing with rocks. Everyone loves a beautiful gemstone or crystal. They're all minerals that "crystallized" in the Earth’s crust and mantle through extreme heat and pressure, sometimes over periods of thousands and millions of years. Some are produced hundreds of miles down and pushed up during seismic and volcanic activity. Children of the earth kinda like us! They have so much wisdom and good energy to offer when we build a relationship with them. Ocean stones and river rocks can be super special as well–it’s wonderful to find your own and keep them with you. Rotate as you feel inspired. Honor them and they will gladly serve too.

7. Giving thanks to Mama Earth. It may sound weird but we can all be a little more grateful and exchange appreciation with the Earth and the mountains and trees and everything she produces to sustain and nourish us. If you do this you will notice something happens — your heart opens up because gratitude makes you receptive. Say thank you and notice. A little gratitude goes a long way! We can also make a little extra effort to show that gratitude by what and how we consume, the way we manage our trash and working towards balancing the bad habits of our society.,

8. Working with the elements. They are with us, around and inside of us at all times! Earth is the one element that encompasses all others and is in such perfect balance because of it. And Water, of course! So nourishing and grounding in that way. Air — the wind, the spirit, the intensity. Bring it home through your breath. Fire is inside of us on an etheric level, the heat at the source. Spirit, too. The elements are a wonderful ground to launch any spiritual self-inquiry and practice.

9. Making contact. This is a no-brainer, it really helps on so many levels. Physical contact between humans is so nourishing, grounding and essential. Hugs, cuddles, wrestling, slow dances, massage...if you don’t have a partner or friends and family you can feel safe doing this with, you can take any number of classes where safe consensual touch is part of the program. Find a meetup. There are even cuddle groups and professional cuddler certification programs.

10. Playing with animals. They are so gorunded and connected, and they are natural healers. If you have a pet, you know. You can learn pet massage and reiki and connect deeper with them, and it will nourish you too. Go and be with horses. Take your friend’s dog for a walk or even adopt them for a weekend if they’re willing to give them up! Pet-sitting is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself and taking care of an animal’s needs.

11. Releasing stuck energy and emotions. All this junk gets stuck in our energetic fields and it keeps us spinning and not able to be present. From sadness and trauma to anger and parasitic entities that feed off us. Who wants to be present to that?? One of the best ways to release stuck energy is through the Breathwork meditation practice I teach. You can join one of the virtual groups I hold monthly or occasionally in person. Learn how to recognize and release some of these energies and it will change your life!

12. Giving thanks for Life. When was the last time you just stopped and gave thanks for this life that you have. We are so blessed! As you know, gratitude is the great heart opener — it brings so much love and joy through that opening because in acknowledging what you have received you become a conduit for more. When your heart is open, you are present, and when you are present, you are really here, in your body, in your being. You are grounded.

Grounding is really just code for being PRESENT. When you're present in your self, in your heart, in this moment, you are embodied. You are here. Notice and enjoy!

Why are so many of us so resistant to getting grounded? Perhaps it has something to do with the associations of being punished and forced indoors when we were kids. Or maybe it has to do with being so sensitive and feeling so much that we retracted into our empath shells. One day you wake up and realize you've been living a lie and yet we're so enmeshed in the web it's impossible to extricate yourself......but then you remember how good it feels to go barefoot and connect with the earth and your self and all that is. You remember an article you read by some guy with a funny name and you remember to breathe and be who you are, take off your damn shoes, hug some trees and get grounded!

Magic? Maybe. But then you gotta admit all of life kinda is....

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