Healing at Lucidity Festival Eudaimonia Healer Sanctuary

I was honored to chosen to be on the official healing team for Lucidity Festival this year, and will be providing private sessions by donation! Breathwork meditation, energy healing, and intuitive counsel with your Spirit Guides and power animals. I will be in the healing sanctuary from 2-6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come by for a session or a hug. Here’s where you can Schedule your session. And in case you're curious, my schedule outside of healing time is here  — so that I can know exactly what I am missing as I surrender to the call of Spirit. :)

I will have a small selection of pieces from my healing power crystals shop with me for friends and clients!

This is my first real festival. As an extremely empathic introvert expressionist I’m cool with performing and showing up to share my magic, but not so much with crowds and non-stop party fests — that has always felt unsafe and unappealing to me. Managing my energy is incredibly key and I have had to do a lot of work with myself to stay calm around the sheer number of unknown variables in stepping into something like this — it is all new to me, and I am surrendering to a different level of showing up guided and surrounded by my angels and High Self team.

This festival is different too. It’s really about the transformation of the individual and society. There are a bunch of different villages from the Lover’s Nest to the Warrior’s Way that all speak to the archetypes of humanity, which I am very much drawn to in my life and work for many years. The theme this year is Eudaimonia...

The Greek philosopher Aristotle described eudaimonia as ultimate happiness derived from two things: excelling at your role in society, and living a moral and virtuous life. (What was Aristotle’s Rx for Happiness?)

As you may know that’s very much in alignment with my life mission. I’m excited to meet some of the Santa Barbara soul family too as I plan to make my home base and set up a healing sanctuary somewhere in Santa Barbara county near the woods. Here’s a piece from one of the founders about the story arc of the festival, reclaiming and seeding the story of our collective future so we can move into that reality of a truly human-centric love and truth based world.... Lucidity Festival’s heroic journey not yet complete.

Look forward to meeting the magical souls and being delightfully surprised by sweetness and magic, big love and healing, and I'm thinking some fun too! ;)

Xo, Satya