First Post

First post on Fierce Wisdom. Was a little torn on whether to go with or -- went with the latter, and forwards here... for now! Excited to see how this project unfolds, but it just feels right.

Installed and customized the Wordpress theme from WooThemes today (that developer membership comes in handy). Designed the header logo today, took me just a couple hours...! So fun.

Fierce Wisdom is the evolution of The Happiness Project - my quest in search of the secret to true happiness, which I started so MANY years ago. At last, the real knowledge, experience and wisdom I have learned through this journey over the years - and through my adventures in online strategy and web design over the last couple years with my company iEnvision Media - will be shared with the world.

This is something COMPLETELY new and different from anything out there, and anything I've done up 'til now... it's really the culmination of my life's calling to be a powerful instigator of transformation, and to help collectively uplift the good people of the world. Can't wait (!)

Much Love,

- Satya