The 9 Core Principles of Fierce Wisdom

1. Know Thyself.

Clarity is the number one principle of fierce wisdom. Without clarity, you have nothing. With clarity, you have the ability to decide exactly what is needed to solve just about any problem. With sustained clarity, you can determine the right course of action for nearly any situation. True clarity means the ability to see yourself, and to know who you are, and how to place yourself in the context of your life and world. With a truly clear mind, heart and energy field, the mystery of the phrase "know thyself" is revealed.

2. Time does not exist.

Nobody has enough time anymore. Which is funny, when you consider that time is just a  really practical and useful construct we’ve all agreed to follow. Become a master of time, and you will set the platform to have whatever you want, and eventually master all of existence. The past, present and future all happening simultaneously, at this very instant. Every moment is actually a step into the "future"; that’s why the present holds the key to having everything you want.

3. Enlightenment does not exist.

You are already whatever enlightenment is. Become a master of your Self. That is all that is needed. Why waste a precious lifetime in search of something which is already within you. Just release the veil of ignorance keeping you from witnessing al that you are. It can happen in an instant. Poof, you’re enlightened. The veil drops. Really, it happens all the time! The next moment, maybe you’re back in your head, but just as easily, you can be enlightened again. It’s real.

4. Your mind does not (actually) exist.

I’m sorry to inform you, your “mind” does not actually exist. Can you show me where it exists? Isn’t it really just a collection of thoughts, beliefs, experiences, imprints, learned knowledge and social programs? Become a master of your mind, and you will master everything. The mind is the great gateway to true knowledge.

5. Everything you believe is true.

Your beliefs form the foundation of your existence in this life. However true or false they may be, they will and do dictate the events and progressions of your life. What you believe will come true. Therefore, pay close attention to your beliefs always, and don’t settle for whatever thoughts and beliefs you’ve been indoctrinated with over a lifetime of social programming, bad experiences and appropriated thought forms.

6. The world was not made for you; you are It.

Contrary to the belief of our forefathers as expounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition - i.e. God created the earth and animals and then women for the men to be the masters of it - the earth was not made for us. Everything in our world changes in an instant, depending on our outlook. If the world changes in accordance to how we see it, than we can hardly be considered to be separate from it. In fact then, we must be it.

7. You may not perfect, but your body is.

Our bodies are the greatest blessing; the greatest supreme vehicle to enable and carry our precious lives and spirits, and our (supposed) minds. If we cannot see, hear, taste, smell, feel, sense, think, what are we? Nothing more than a rock, really, or worse...perhaps a rock can feel after all. Our body knows exactly what we need, and if we pay attention it will let us know. All things are possible with this magnificent mind-body vehicle. It deserves some serious attention and full respect!

8. You can’t always get what you want, but you can have what you want (and in an instant).

First you must decide what it is you really want. Truly, deeply, from your heart of hearts. Sit with that for a while. If you find it’s something that truly resonates with you, your perceived purpose or destiny, and what you see for your future, then you must go with that impulse and follow it through. You can collapse time and have it all in an instant - or maybe a few weeks, if necessary - if you’re willing to let go of the small view, and go big. Go all the way. Open your heart to the miracle of existence.

9. Trust in your Higher Self.

In truth, you know the answers to all problems. Don't fear the unknown. The stronger your connection to your true self -- your inner guru, or higher self -- the more powerful and effective your actions in the world. Revel in and enjoy the fierce grace of who you are at source. It's so beautiful.

Life is sweet, when your heart is open to the endless bounty of existence...

Much Love,

- Satya